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    What is Goniophotometer?

    Various tools and systems have been used to get rid of the darkness from past to present. This adventure, which started with the discovery of fire by human beings, continues today with systems that we can generally call lighting systems. 

    Today, various tools, equipment and products are used to make lighting healthier and more efficient. One of these technological devices is called "Goniophotometer". 

    The word goniophotometer has emerged by combining the words goniometer, which is used to measure angles, and photometer, which is used to measure light. Goniophotometer is a technological device used to calculate the distribution of light intensity emitted from a light source and the total luminous flux obtained as a result of this distribution. In other words, various values such as light intensity (candela), luminance (cd/m²) and illuminance level (lux) can be measured with Goniophotometer. This is how we can answer the question of what is goniophotometer. However, the questions that need to be answered about the goniophotometer are not limited to this. 

    In this article, we will answer the questions of How the Goniophotometer Works and Where the Goniophotometer is Used.

    How Does Goniophotometer Work?

    Tests to be performed with the goniophotometer must be performed in a dark room. The required characteristics of the room where the test will be performed are specified by the goniophotometer device manufacturer. In goniophotometer measurements, besides the dimensions of the room and the color of the walls, the ambient temperature is one of the parameters to be considered. If the room conditions specified by the manufacturer are not met, the results obtained may not be accurate.

    For the tests to be performed with the goniophotometer, the person who will perform the test must have the necessary knowledge. Although the operation with the goniophotometer seems simple, there are many different parameters to be considered. There are also different types of goniophotometers for different measurements. In order for the results obtained to be of high accuracy, the right device must be selected.

    Where Is Goniophotometer Used?

    When we look at the usage areas of the goniophotometer, we first come across the lighting and automotive sectors. Goniophotometer is used to perform performance tests of light emitting systems in the lighting and automotive sectors. Apart from these, goniophotometer is actively used in different fields, especially in light measurements of traffic signal lamps.

    In this article, we have answered the questions of How the Goniophotometer Works and Where the Goniophotometer is Used. For more information about our products and services, you can contact us using one of our communication channels.

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