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    Store Lighting

    Store Lighting

    Nowadays, the stores we go to to shop or spend time with our loved ones and have fun have become very popular places lately. In these stores, where we spend most of our day, it is very important to have adequate lighting systems and to choose the right lighting fixtures. Because lighting directly affects the atmosphere of stores, the perception and overall experience of visitors and customers. Therefore, functional store lighting that meets the expectations in terms of decoration and aesthetics is not only a necessity, but also an important element for the safety of stores.

    How Should the Lighting Be for the Store?

    In places such as stores, lighting systems must contribute to the environment in aesthetic and functional terms. Because customers and visitors who come to the store feel safer and also have the opportunity to shop more comfortably. For this reason, lighting fixtures in store areas should generally be preferred as store fixtures that provide energy efficiency, can be customized for different areas and help equal light distribution. Licalux Lighting helps stores provide a more accurate and professional service.

    Areas Where Store Lighting is Important

    Recently, there are many stores around us. There are many points in these areas. The most important of these points are shoe stores, electronics stores, cosmetics stores and bookstores. In these places where customers can visit and shop with peace of mind, lighting must be correct and sufficient. For this reason, it is important to choose the lighting system according to the structure of the space. By examining the suggestions below, you can choose the right fixture applications for stores.

    Shoe Store Lighting

    Shoe stores where colorful and diverse shoes are displayed should pay attention to lighting systems in order to make the products look more clear and eye-catching. Because these areas are places that will directly attract the attention of customers and enable them to shop. For this reason, lighting fixtures in shoe stores should be chosen carefully. At this point, the lumen range for shoe stores should be between 500 and 750 lumens. In this way, customers have the opportunity to see the products more clearly. In addition, the color rendering index must be at least 80 and above. In addition, showcases have a value between 2000 and 5000 lumens in order to highlight the products, and it is better to choose lighting applications with a color rendering index of 80 and above. To achieve this, you can choose Lıcalux Lighting's Downlight-Spotlight, Linear Lighting, Rail Spot Lighting and Emergency Lighting Fixtures options to provide homogeneous lighting in shoe stores. 

    Electronics Store Lighting

    The most important element in electronic stores where the latest technological products are sold is undoubtedly lighting applications. The main reason for this is that it attracts the attention of potential customers and directs them to purchase. At this point, lighting fixtures that provide energy efficiency and allow you to adjust the lighting levels should be preferred. In addition, in electronic stores, a lumen value between 2000 and 5000 lumens/m² is preferred for general lighting, while products with a lumen value of 5000 lumens/m² and above should be used in showcases or product highlights. At the same time, it is ideal for the color rendering index to be 80 and above. Finally, care should be taken to ensure that electronic store fixtures are energy efficient and do not create glare. At this point, you can choose Lıcalux lighting's Downlight-Spotlight and Emergency Lighting Fixtures and track spot lighting options.

    Sports and Equipment Store Lighting

    Sporting goods stores, which are one of the places where you can find many sports equipment and sports equipment, are one of the places that need to be very careful about lighting. In sports stores where correct lighting systems are used, the colors and details of the products become more visible, making it easier for customers to purchase. For this reason, the lighting fixtures preferred for sports stores should be chosen carefully. For example, when choosing lighting fixtures for sports and equipment stores, you should pay attention to a lighting system between 50 and 100 lumens. However, for showcase lighting, lighting with a lumen value of at least 2000 to 5000 should be preferred. In this way, customers can see the products more easily and make purchases faster. At the same time, the color rendering index must be 80 and above. At this point, you can choose Lıcalux Lighting's Downlight-Spotlight, Linear lighting, Rail spot lighting and Emergency Lighting Fixtures options to provide correct lighting.

    Cosmetics Store Lighting

    Interior lighting of cosmetic stores, which has a large share in the development of the beauty industry, is very important. For this, the lighting systems preferred in the cosmetic store must be at the correct and sufficient level. This way, customers can more easily observe and purchase the color and appearance of cosmetic products on the skin. In this regard, first of all, the color rendering index of cosmetic store lighting systems must be 90 and above. At the same time, in addition to general lighting being between 300-500 lumens, lighting applications with 500 or more lumens should be preferred in areas where make-up and care products are displayed. In addition, lighting applications at 750 lumens are ideal in the trial areas where customers experience the products. Finally, lighting systems between 500-750 lumens should be used in the safe sections. You can choose the track spot lighting options of the Downlight-Spotlight and Emergency Lighting Fixtures produced by Licalux for cosmetic store lighting.

    Bookstore Lighting

    Bookstores that take you to completely different worlds and open the doors of the world of imagination ensure that their customers experience enjoyable moments. Lighting facilities are of great importance in bookstores that offer perfect experiences to readers. Because in such places, customers need sufficient light level to easily examine the books and make a preliminary reading. In this regard, the lumen level should be at an average of 200 lumens in the library sections, while the general lighting should be at 500 lumens. In addition, it would be healthier to have a color rendering index of 80 or above. The color temperature of lighting systems should be (2700K – 3000K). When it comes to bookstore lighting fixtures, you can choose Licalux Lighting's Downlight-Spotlight and Emergency Lighting Fixtures and track spot lighting options.

    Lighting for Sports and Equipment Stores

    Lighting in sports and equipment stores should be designed specifically for the areas. While the sections where the products are exhibited are highlighted with spot lighting, homogeneous sufficient lighting should be provided in the trial areas. For general lighting systems, Licalux supplies sustainable energy-saving products for stores.

    Lighting for Toy Stores

    Lighting preferences are important for the vivid and attractive presentation of products in toy stores. Lighting should be designed in a way that does not tire the eyes of children. Lighting should be set at a sufficient level to provide a safe environment for children in playgrounds. Licalux Lighting organizes colorful LED products for users for a pleasant toy shopping.

    What are the Lighting Products Used in the Store?

    Lighting models in stores are divided according to the size of the area, lighting need and aesthetic appearance. Many models of store fixtures provide aesthetic and functional convenience to customers. Commonly preferred store lighting fixture types are divided as follows: 

    • Downlight-Spotlight 
    • Emergency Lighting Fixtures
    • Ray Spot Aydınlatma
    • Linear Lighting

    Features of Lighting Models in Stores

    • In general, neutral white color lighting (3500K – 4500K) should be preferred in store lighting models.
    • Store lightings are easy to clean and have a structure that minimizes dust accumulation.
    • Store lighting fixtures feature glare-reducing lighting to prevent eye fatigue and provide long-term comfort.
    • Store lighting applications feature high color rendering index. 
    • Store fixture types have the ability to be integrated for emergencies

    How to Choose Store Lighting Fixtures?

    Choosing the luminaire that best suits your project among store lighting models is important in terms of architectural aesthetics and functionality. For this reason, every feature of store fixtures should be examined in detail. At this point, the things you should pay attention to when choosing store lighting are: 

    • In store fixtures, easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain fixtures should always be preferred. In this way, cost and time savings can be achieved. 
    • Supporting products should be used in store lighting systems in terms of energy efficiency.
    • You should pay attention to the choice of luminaire company for store lighting. Because the store lighting company that offers lighting solutions should give you a guarantee on the fixtures. Thus, the service support of the armature company ensures long-term use in your project.
    • In store lighting applications, fixtures must be safe and durable. It reduces the need for maintenance and replacement in the long term.

    Store Lighting Prices in Turkey

    Store lighting fixture prices; It varies depending on model, brand, function and bulk purchase. Licalux Lighting, a lighting manufacturer for stores, offers users quality solutions at affordable prices. You can examine store lighting fixtures on our website; You can contact us for store lighting fixture prices. 

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