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    What are the Types of Spot Lamps? 

    In this week's article, we touched on spotlight lighting solutions. You can learn basic information about spotlight luminaires by reading our content; You can contact us immediately for spotlight lamp models with decorative design. We wish you pleasant reading.

    What is Spotlight?

    Spot lamps are lighting systems with modern and innovative technology. Spot light solves all the lighting needs of the space and offers an eye-catching and spacious look to the space.

    Spot lamp models, which are part of stylish and aesthetic decoration, are frequently preferred in lighting solutions in living spaces.

    What are the Types of Spot Lamps?

    Spot lamp types are basically divided into recessed spot lamps and surface mounted lamps. This distinction is determined according to the installation method of spot lamps. Spot lamp models are designed in favour of the needs of the space and area. Spot lamps that increase the functionality of the space are generally designed according to their size, light colour and lighting power. 

    Recessed Spot Lamp

    Recessed spot lamp; They are lighting fixtures integrated into places such as ceiling, floor and wall in living spaces. It is also called recessed lighting. Recessed spot lamp models used in indoor lighting are equipped with LED technology. Recessed spotlights that add a stylish atmosphere to the environment are extremely useful. It can be used with various chandelier models, especially when a strong light source is needed in the room. In addition, spotlights are often preferred to create an interesting focal point in niches in the space.

    Surface Mounted Spotlights

    Surface mounted spotlights are lighting fixtures mounted on ceilings and walls. Suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting. Surface mounted spotlights preferred in modern designs offer a minimalist look to the environment. Surface mounted spotlight models include chandeliers, sconces and lampshades. 

    What are the Features of Spot Lighting? 

    Long-lasting spot lamps are indispensable lighting parts of every area. The spot lamp not only enriches the atmosphere in the spaces, but also contributes to the achievement of the desired decor in the project. The features of spot lamps that offer a stylish image are as follows:

    • Spotlights provide intense light diffusion in task lighting and zone lighting. 
    • High contrast characteristics are ideal for emphasising areas and objects. 
    • Spot lighting has systems that can be directed. 
    • Spot lamps have LED technology and provide energy efficiency and savings.
    • An aesthetic image is created with spot lights in indoor and outdoor lighting.
    • Spot lights provide general lighting in the space with low energy consumption

    How to Install Spot Lamp? 

    Spot lamp installation should be done by professional teams. In order for the spot lamp to work flawlessly, the installation must first be strongly organised in the electrical panel. Proper and safe organisation of the electrical installation is important for the assembly to be carried out smoothly. It should be absolutely sure that the electric current is switched off during installation.

    What are the Usage Areas of Spot Lighting?

    Spot lamp models are luminaire types with a wide range of usage area. Examples of the use of systems that provide aesthetic texture and high energy efficiency in different areas can be given as follows:

    • Home lighting
    • Restaurant and cafe lighting
    • Shop lighting
    • Hotel lighting
    • Workplace lighting
    • Emergency lighting

    What Should Be Considered While Buying a Spot Lamp?

    • The first feature to be considered when buying a spot lamp is the lumen value. Lumen value is a concept related to the brightness of light. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the lamp will give. Therefore, you should pay attention to the lumen range of the spot lamp according to the project. 
    • When choosing a spot lamp for home lighting, 2700K and 3500K luminaires should be preferred.
    • If spot lamp selection is in question in outdoor lighting, the luminaires should offer long-lasting durability against water and dust.
    • If your expectation from the spot lamp is both energy saving and efficient lighting, it will be the right choice for you to choose lamps with high efficiency factor.

    Spot Lamp Prices 

    Spot lamp prices are determined according to the model, material, design, brand and lighting type. If you want to get new and modern decors in your project, you can choose between spot lamp models; With Licalux Lighting quality, you can supply the model suitable for the aesthetics of the space among the spot lamp types at affordable prices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Spot lamp wattage varies according to the lighting level of the space. However, on average, spot lamps have values between 6W and 12W.

    Spot lighting product groups are divided into downlight spotlight, surface mounted downlight and recessed spot lamp. 

    Spot lamps are systems that consume less energy than traditional lighting. With its environmentally friendly structure, spot lights cause little harm to nature and help users meet their lighting needs at low costs. 

    Spot lamps are luminaires that can be used in all areas of life. It is often used in indoor lighting. 

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