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    Modern school buildings have created new solutions in lighting. Lighting systems used in educational areas are primarily equipped with structures that keep students’ energy high and increase their concentration. Brightness is minimized in lighting solutions. Licalux, which has modern lighting structures, continues to offer smart adjustable lighting technologies to educational areas by considering the visual comfort of students and employees.

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    How Should Lighting Be in Educational Institutions?

    In educational institutions, where our future is largely shaped, the light of the classroom environment is very important. At this point, the quality of light and the organization of lighting have a direct impact on students’ ability to focus and learning efficiency. A well-designed lighting system reduces eye strain for both students and teachers, increases attention levels and improves the overall learning environment. For example; 300 to 500 lumen lighting systems are a good choice for university and classroom lighting, while 150 to 300 lumens are ideal for kindergartens. When making a choice, you should make separate choices such as classroom lighting and university lighting.

    Where Lighting is Important in Educational Institutions

    Luminaires in educational institutions are lighting systems that illuminate the environment aesthetically and functionally. Because a good lighting system not only illuminates the space, but also supports learning and teaching processes, protects the eye health of students and teachers, and generally improves the quality of the educational environment. For this reason, in general, more neutral or cool tones are preferred to support brightness in classroom lighting and classroom lighting, while warmer tones and dim lighting systems should be preferred in kindergarten lighting. Thus, a more professional education is provided in educational institutions with Licalux Lighting.


    Nursery Lighting

    Kindergartens are one of the most important educational institutions where education life begins and is very important for students. Lighting systems are one of the most important points to be considered in kindergartens, which constitute the first education of students. In order to create a calm atmosphere and protect children’s eye health, lighting systems in warm tones should definitely be preferred. In this way, both the mental development of students in kindergartens is supported and their eye health is protected. For this, a minimum of 300 lumens of lighting level is an ideal choice in nursery care rooms, work rooms and playgrounds, while a minimum of 100 lumens is required at entrances, exits, corridors and stairs. In addition, panel lighting, linear lighting and ceiling recessed spotlights called downlights should generally be preferred in nursery lighting.

    Classroom Lighting

    The products used in classrooms, which are places of learning and socializing for students, should be carefully selected. At this point, lighting systems are also of great importance. Classroom lighting, whose design is aesthetically and functionally important, should not cause shadowing and glare, as well as color tones that support focus should be selected in accordance with the function of the classrooms. For this, general classroom lighting should be between 300 and 500 lumens, and 500 to 750 lumens in classrooms where visual work is done. These lumen ranges help students to better understand and comprehend, while at the same time helping teachers to strengthen their teaching focus. Thus, it also protects the eye health of teachers and students. At this point, you can choose LED panel, linear lighting and spot lighting. You can contribute to energy saving with Licalux’s smart control systems in classroom lighting.


    Lighting for Administration Rooms

    It is very important in terms of decoration to create a professional environment in administration rooms. The main reason for this is to support managers to work efficiently and comfortably. At the same time, it reflects the character and professional approach of the organization. For this, lighting systems with a brighter structure should be preferred in administrative rooms. At this point, while 400 to 500 lumens in lighting systems are sufficient to maintain professionalism and institutionalism in the principal and deputy principal rooms, luminaires with 200-300 lumens are suitable to build a calm atmosphere in the guidance or counselor rooms and to make the student feel more comfortable. If an ideal lighting fixture is to be preferred for administrative rooms, LED Panel Lights, Downlights (Ceiling Recessed Lights) can be preferred.

    Library Lighting

    Libraries are places where students study and research in quiet and well-lit environments. The design of libraries in these environments should therefore support students to work carefully and comfortably. This requires a balanced distribution of light to avoid shadows and dark spots. At the same time, warm white light color should be preferred. In this way, students’ eye health is protected. Especially in libraries, while 200 lux lighting is sufficient in the library section, 500 lux lighting level should be used in reading areas. In addition, the color rendering index should be 80 and above on average. When choosing lighting fixtures for libraries, LED Panel Lights, Downlights (Ceiling Recessed Lights) are preferred, while emergency lighting fixtures should be preferred for exit routes and emergency exit points.


    Conference Hall Lighting

    Conference halls are places where various talks and activities are held for students and teachers. In these venues, lighting systems should be paid close attention for the comfort of speakers and audiences in general. Warm white light between 3000K and 4000K should be preferred in conference halls in order to provide a comfortable field of view and to increase the interaction between speakers, students and teachers. In addition, the general lighting in conference halls should be at least 500 lux and the color rendering index should be 80. If you are going to choose lighting fixtures in conference halls, you should definitely use Led panels, emergency lighting, linear lighting and spot lighting.

    School Laboratory Lighting

    School laboratories are the main centers of science. In these science centers, where many advanced ideas emerge, it is very important to choose the right lighting systems. Adequate light sources in laboratories that shed light on science also shed light on the development of new ideas. For this reason, the lighting capability of school laboratories can generally vary between 500 and 1000 lumens. The lighting fixtures selected in this lumen range should definitely prevent shadow formation. Thus, the results of the experiments can be observed more easily. In addition, the color rendering index of the lighting fixtures preferred for school laboratories should be in the range of 80-90. The most suitable lighting fixtures for these features are LED panels, linear lighting and spot lighting. Thanks to these lighting systems, it gives a brighter and more spacious appearance, helping experiments to be carried out more easily and the results to be observed clearly.


    Workshop Lighting

    Workshops, which are one of the most important places in schools, enable students to experience the work related to their professions in practice. In this way, students who experience the issues required by their profession become more knowledgeable and experienced in their profession. At this point, lighting options are very important for students to both observe the practices of their professions comfortably and experience them well. For this, general light systems in the workshops at the school should be between 500-1000 lumens and in the form of white light. In this way, shadowing is prevented. In addition, a high Color Rendering Index of at least 80-90 will be very useful for students taking classes in the workshop. The most suitable options for these features are undoubtedly LED Panel Lights, Downlights (Ceiling Recessed Lights).

    Gym Lighting

    Gyms that help students’ physical development also help them to purify themselves mentally. In gyms that allow students to stay fit, there must be sufficient lighting for the movements to be seen correctly. Thus, students provide more comfortable and unlimited movement. At this point, controllable systems should be preferred to change the level of lights according to daylight. This provides energy efficiency at a high level. When choosing lighting systems in sports halls, attention should generally be paid to the light intensity between 200-750 lumens / m². In addition, the color rendering index should be between 80-90. If you are going to choose lighting fixtures for sports halls at school, LED Panel Lights, Downlights (Ceiling Recessed Lights) can be preferred.


    What are the Lighting Products Used in Educational Institutions?

    School lighting models are divided according to the size of the area, lighting needs and aesthetic appearance. In many models, school luminaires provide users with aesthetic and functional convenience. Commonly preferred school lighting luminaire types are divided as follows:

    Features of Lighting Models in Schools

    • School lighting models ensure that the light is evenly distributed and no shadows are cast.
    • School lighting fixtures have high color rendering. Thus, it helps to perceive their true colors correctly.
    • School lighting has adjustable and controllable settings for different operations.
    • School luminaire types are generally both environmentally friendly and at the same time have an affordable price scale.
    • School lighting applications have features that reduce eye strain and have a relaxing effect in classrooms and libraries.

    How to Choose School Lighting Fixtures?

    Choosing the luminaire suitable for your project among school lighting models is important in terms of architectural aesthetics and functionality. For this reason, every feature of school luminaires should be examined in detail. The things to be considered when choosing school lighting are as follows:


    • School luminaires should always have environmentally friendly technology. In this way, you will save energy to a great extent.
    • School lighting systems should be selected to reduce eye strain and relax the eyes of students, teachers and other school staff.
    • You should give importance to the choice of luminaire company in school lighting. Because the school lighting company that offers lighting solutions should give you a guarantee on luminaires. Thus, the service support of the luminaire company provides long-term use in your project.
    • Another important point in school lighting applications is that it is adjustable and controllable. In this way, you can adjust the light level as you wish.

    School Lighting Fixture Prices

    <span style="”color:" #000000;”><span style="”font-weight:" 400;”>School lighting fixture prices vary according to model, brand, function and bulk purchase. Licalux Lighting, an expert school lighting manufacturer, offers users quality solutions at affordable prices. You can review school lighting fixtures on our site; you can contact us for school lighting fixtures prices, <strong><ahttps://www.licalux.com/kategori/ic-mekan-aydinlatma/”>You can visit our indoor lighting fixtures </a></strong> page.</span></span>

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