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    Retail Lighting

    Long-Lasting, Efficient Energy

    Today, the quality of lighting and modern designs of fixtures; It has become one of the most important decorations that distinguish retail spaces from each other. For this reason, lighting should be chosen carefully in decors that want to make a difference. For the highest quality retail lighting systems, Licalux Lighting offers users creative lighting ideas as sectoral solutions.

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    Visual Comfort in Lighting

    Adjustable Color Setting


    Sustainable LED Technology

    for Nature

    Retail lighting systems, in addition to their long-lasting features, provide energy efficiency that prevents waste. Environmentally friendly retail lighting products support the shopping experience with efficiency by reducing carbon footprint. Licalux Lighting follows an environmentally friendly policy with the sustainable LED technology it offers to areas.

    Intelligent Digital Systems

    For use

    Retail lighting systems involve long-term use. For this reason, lighting should be equipped with remote control systems. Thanks to smart digital technologies, retail lighting can be controlled according to need during the day. Licalux offers lighting technologies that provide ease of use to businesses.

    Stylish Modern Designs
    Stylish Modern Designs
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Long Term Sustainability
    Long Term Sustainability

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