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    Led Rail Spot Luminaires

    What is LED Track Spot?

    Rail spot lighting is a system that uses LED light source. LED track spot lighting fixtures are mounted side by side on the rail. It is frequently used for commercial and decoration purposes because it offers different color options and visual aesthetics. Rail spot lighting solutions help create different effects in spaces by allowing the fixtures to move.

    What are the Rail Spot Types?

    Rail spot lamp models, which are used to emphasize or focus a certain area, are divided into different types according to their usage areas and needs. These lighting types are divided into eight types. These;

    • FRIO
    • NOSSA
    • VERDE
    • NOVO
    • PHASE
    • SETE
    • ROSHA
    • CHIEF

    Track Spot Lighting Installation

    Rail type LED spot fixtures are mounted on the wall or ceiling according to the project. First of all, for the installation of rail type LED spot fixtures, electricity must be drawn to the place where they will be installed. Then, the rail system is mounted on the wall or ceiling. The selected Rail spot products are installed on the rail system. According to the lighting need, the direction of the rail type LED spot fixtures is determined and finally the electrical connection is made.

    What are the Usage Areas of LED Track Spots?

    Rail spot lamp models are used in many areas due to their versatile features, efficient use and lighting arrangement flexibility. The specialized usage areas of LED track spots, especially used in architectural projects and home lighting, are as follows:

    • In home lighting, LED rail spot fixtures are generally used in the corner of kitchens. It provides accurate and helpful lighting to the kitchen counter.
    • Led rail spot systems are frequently used in store lighting to display and highlight products. Flexibility of movement provides functional convenience.
    • LED track spots are especially preferred in gallery and museum lighting. LED track spot systems provide ideal lighting to highlight the works.
    • Ray spot products create effects in the lighting of stages in theaters, making the audience experience quality.

    Rail Spot Lighting Features

    Ray spot products have certain unique features. These features ensure maximum efficiency in track spot lamp models. For this reason, when choosing among LED rail spot fixtures, be sure to consider your needs and space. Here are the points you should consider when choosing between rail type LED spot fixtures;

    • Led Ray spot lighting fixtures have the flexibility to move and direct.
    • Most rail spotlight models have an adjustable light brightness system. In this way, the desired lighting level in the environment can be regulated.
    • Rail spot products use LED technology in illumination. Therefore, track spot lamp models are nature-friendly systems.
    • LED track spot lighting requires low maintenance with its long-lasting use.
    • Rail spotlights, which are among the smart lighting solutions, can be controlled remotely depending on the model.

    How to Clean Rail Spot Lamp?

    Cleaning of rail spot products is important for the use and hygiene of the area. The main reason for this is that it is recommended that LED rail spot systems be maintained at regular intervals to ensure long-term efficiency. When spot cleaning is carried out, the electric current must first be stopped; The electrical supply must be turned off. Dust on the rail type LED spot fixtures should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. It is important to use glass cleaning spray to clean the glass and lens of the spot. The rail spot is ready for use after it dries thoroughly.

    What are the Advantages of Ray Spot Products?

    LED track spot systems provide users with many advantages with their environmentally friendly and modern solutions. The advantages offered by track spot lamp models in lighting solutions can be summarized as follows:

    • Thanks to LED technology, rail spots reduce energy costs.
    • Rail spotlights offer long-lasting and safe use in projects.
    • Rail spotlights are equipped with the ability to change color; It helps create aesthetic effects in lighting.
    • Low-maintenance rail spotlights provide durable use to the user.

    What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing Recessed Spot Lighting Systems?

    The standards that businesses need in their lighting systems vary. For this reason, LED rail spot systems should be selected within the framework of the features of the facility. General factors to consider when choosing among LED rail spot luminaire models are as follows:

    • Led ray spot fixtures must fully meet the lighting needs. Adequate lighting level should be calculated according to the size of the space and its usage area.
    • Note that these systems designed by LED rail manufacturers are resistant to dust, moisture and high temperatures.
    • The levels of rail spot products vary according to the needs of the place. For this reason, you should make your choice based on the field.
    • Care should be taken when choosing a lighting company for the most efficient spot lighting types for your business. Led track manufacturers  must provide warranty and after-sales support to the user.

    What Should Be Considered When Buying LED Rail Spots?

    There are factors you need to consider when purchasing LED rail spotlights for your architectural project. In order to achieve quality in lighting solution, the factors you should pay attention to when purchasing rail spotlights are as follows:

    • First of all, the needs should be determined among the LED Panel Types. The areas that are wanted to be emphasized in the space should be evaluated. Functionally and aesthetically, rail spotlights must meet the needs of the users.
    • The wattage of the rail spot should be taken into account in order to meet the required power.
    • The quality of the LED chip in track spot lighting is the most important factor for long-term use.
    • When choosing LED track spot fixtures, the light color should be determined within the scope of the lighting needs of the place.
    • Care should be taken when choosing the rail spot manufacturer. LED rail manufacturers should provide you with guarantees on support.

    Rail Spot Prices

    Rail Spot Prices are determined within the framework of the features of the fixtures. Rail spot prices; It varies depending on brand, model, lighting control systems, wholesale purchasing and additional features. The most affordable rail spot prices are in Turkey. Licalux Lighting, which designs special lighting products for facilities, is known for providing economical alternatives among lighting companies in the sector. For budget-friendly LED panel types, contact Licalux Lighting, one of the LED rail manufacturers, as soon as possible!

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