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    Ray Spots

    What is LED Ray Spot?

    Rail spot lighting is a system that uses LED light source. LED track spot lighting fixtures are mounted side by side on the rail. It is frequently used for commercial and decoration purposes due to its different colour options and visual aesthetics. Rail spot lighting solutions help to create different effects in spaces by allowing the luminaires to move. 

    What are Ray Spot Types?

    Rail spot luminaires are designed in different types in the face of lighting needs. Rail spot models generally used with Licalux Lighting guarantee can be listed as follows: 

    • FRIO
    • NOSSA
    • VERDE
    • NOVO
    • FAZ
    • SETE
    • ROSHA
    • REIS

    Ray Spot Lighting Installation

    Rail spot lighting is mounted on the wall or ceiling according to the project. First of all, electricity must be drawn to the place to be mounted for rail spot installation. Then the rail system is mounted on the wall or ceiling. The selected rail spotlights are installed on the rail system. The direction of the rail spotlights is determined according to the lighting requirement and finally the electrical connection is made. 

    What are the Usage Areas of LED Type Rail Spotlights?

    Track spotlights are used in many areas due to their versatile features, efficient use and flexibility in lighting regulation. Customised usage areas of LED track spotlights used in architectural projects and home lighting are as follows: 

    • In home lighting, rail spotlights are often used in the corner of kitchens. It provides accurate and auxiliary lighting to the kitchen worktop. 
    • In shop lighting, track spotlights are often used to display and highlight products. The flexibility of movement provides functional convenience.
    • LED rail spotlights are especially preferred in gallery and museum lighting. Rail spotlights provide the ideal lighting to highlight the artefacts.
    • Rail spotlights create effects in the lighting of the stages in theatres and make the audience experience quality. 

    Ray Spot Lighting Features

    • Track spot luminaires have the flexibility to move and orientate.
    • In most rail spot models, light brightness is adjustable. Thus, the desired lighting level can be regulated in the environment.
    • Rail spotlights use LED technology in lighting. Therefore, rail spotlights are environmentally friendly systems. 
    • LED track spotlights require low maintenance with their long-lasting use.
    • Rail spotlights, which are one of the smart lighting solutions, can be remotely controlled according to the model. 

    How to Clean Ray Spot Lamp?

    Ray spot lamp cleaning is important for the use and hygiene of the area. It is recommended to maintain the spotlights at regular intervals for long-term efficiency. When cleaning the spotlights, firstly the electric current should be stopped and the electricity source should be switched off. Dust on the spotlights should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. It is important to use glass cleaning spray for glass and lens cleaning of the spot. The track spot is ready for use after drying thoroughly. 

    What are the Advantages of LED Ray Spotlights?

    LED track spot systems provide many advantages to users with their environmentally friendly and modern solutions. The advantages offered by track spotlights in lighting solutions can be summarised as follows:

    Thanks to LED technology, rail spotlights reduce energy costs.

    Rail spotlights offer long-lasting and safe use in projects. 

    Rail spotlights are equipped with the ability to change colour, helping to create aesthetic effects in lighting.

    Low maintenance rail spotlights provide durable use to the user.

    What Should Be Considered When Buying LED Ray Spotlights? 

    There are factors to consider when purchasing LED rail spotlights for your architectural project. In order to achieve quality in the lighting solution, the factors you should pay attention to when purchasing rail spotlights are as follows: 

    • First of all, lighting needs should be determined in rail spot selection. The areas to be emphasised in the space should be evaluated. Functionally and aesthetically, rail spotlights should meet the needs of users.
    • The wattage of the rail spot should be considered to meet the required power.
    • In track spot lighting, the quality of the LED chip is the most important factor for long-term use. 
    • In the selection of LED track spot luminaire, the light colour should be determined within the scope of the lighting needs of the space.
    • Attention should be paid to the choice of rail spot manufacturer. LED rail spot manufacturer company should provide you with a guarantee on support. 

    Led Ray Spot Prices

    Rail spotlight prices in Turkey; It varies according to the quality, lumen value, light colour and model of the luminaire. As rail spotlight manufacturer Licalux Lighting, we offer affordable spot rail systems to our clients. You can contact us immediately for quality and reliable Rail Spot Lighting; You can get information about rail spot models and prices.