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    Outdoor Lighting Models

    Outdoor lighting, which combines style and functionality, maintains its place as one of the rarest systems that offer ease of life. Outdoor lighting are systems that provide security by increasing the function of areas. Outdoor lighting solutions, which are one of the most important parts of our lives, are offered to the users with the quality of Licalux Lighting.

    What are Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

    Outdoor lighting products are systems that provide illumination of spaces so that people can see objects. Outdoor lighting makes areas more convenient for people and animals. One of the main tasks of outdoor lighting is to support security in the environment. Outdoor lighting offers people confidence and security in the face of darkness.

    Outdoor Lighting Types

    Each architectural space has its own unique look and aesthetic. Outdoor fixtures are decors that complement this aesthetic. Outdoor lighting types differ depending on the area of use and architectural purposes. Generally used outdoor lighting fixture types are as follows:

    • Projectors,
    • Environmental and street lighting,
    • Landscape lighting,
    • Floor Lighting,
    • Facade Lighting and
    • Sconce is among the types of outdoor lighting.

    How Should Outdoor Lighting Designs Be?

    Outdoor lighting has systems designed by professionals. Good lighting makes life outside the home comfortable. For this reason, the design of outdoor lighting should be evaluated primarily in terms of purpose and functionality. Understanding the needs of the space is the key to designing outdoor fixtures. Apart from this, the details to be considered in outdoor lighting design are as follows:

    • Outdoor lighting design should be created in a way that is eye-catching and functionally beneficial.
      Outdoor luminaires should be designed to be integrated into remotely controlled systems.
      Outdoor lighting products must be resistant to harsh weather conditions. Outdoor lighting fixtures should be designed to withstand extremely hot or cold weather.
      Choosing the right color temperature in outdoor fixtures has a beautifying effect on the decor.
      Lighting should be sustainable and dynamic in pedestrian crossings, outdoor areas that require signage and direction.
      Since they are used for long periods of time, outdoor fixtures should have environmentally friendly systems.

    What are the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting?

    Today, outdoor spaces are extensions of lives. One of the pearl designs of the areas whose architectural decorations are carefully made is the lighting fixtures. Professional outdoor lighting increases the usability of the environment and adds beauty to living spaces. The benefits of outdoor lighting to humanity, both functionally and aesthetically, can be summarized as follows:

    ☀️ Outdoor lighting highlights the fascinating features of decorations.

    ☀️ Modern and aesthetic outdoor lighting increases the natural beauty of the environment.

    ☀️ Correct outdoor lighting is good for people’s mental health and increases people’s energy.

    ☀️ Outdoor lights provide a safe environment in the dark. Correct lighting provides people with ease of walking on roads and in areas such as stairs.

    ☀️ Exterior lighting triggered by a timer positioned in front of the house ensures the safety of the house.

    What to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Lighting?

    For a correct design, outdoor lighting should be organized by professionals. In order to obtain the right atmosphere and light layers in outdoor lighting design and to ensure the highest efficiency of architectural areas, the steps to be considered in outdoor lighting are as follows:

    • First, you should evaluate the architectural style of the area. You should choose the outdoor fixture in line with the atmosphere you want to reflect.
    • You should determine your focal point when choosing outdoor fixtures. Will you specifically illuminate the garden or a whole path? You should choose the fixture that suits the point you want to emphasize.
    • When choosing an outdoor lighting fixture, you should make sure that the product has systems that are resistant to intense humidity and storms.
    • For different and special looks, fixtures that complement the atmosphere of the outdoor area should be selected. Different types of fixtures can be used together to achieve holistic lighting outdoors.
    • You should consider your budget when purchasing outdoor lighting.
    • Choosing a reliable lighting company is an important point when shopping for outdoor lighting for your architectural solutions. You should choose a lighting company that produces quality fixtures and offers solutions to its customers.

    LED Outdoor Lighting Prices

    Prices of outdoor lighting products; It varies depending on the design, quality, size, brand and features of the fixture. Producing professional outdoor lighting fixtures, Licalux Lighting offers its customers quality service at affordable costs. You can contact us for information about Licalux Lighting outdoor lighting prices.

    Outdoor Lighting Companies

    Licalux Lighting is an outdoor lighting company. Licalux Lighting, which produces quality luminaires for architectural solutions, is also an outdoor lighting supplier. Outdoor LED fixtures produced by Licalux Lighting do not require frequent maintenance with their long-lasting designs. Bill-friendly outdoor fixtures with low energy consumption provide high quality service in terms of price performance. Contact Licalux Lighting now for proven high performance outdoor luminaires and complete outdoor lighting systems!