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    Magnet LED Lighting

    What is Magnet LED Lighting?

    Magnet spot lighting are portable systems with magnetic properties. Basically, magnet fixtures are a combination of LED and a magnetic base. Magnet spot lighting provides users with long-lasting and safe lighting. Energy efficient magnet lighting fixture models are designed for practical use.

    Advantages of Using Magnet Luminaire

    Magnet armature types offer many advantages to users with their easy use and innovative technologies. The advantages of magnet lighting, which offers users low-budget use, can be listed as follows:

    • The biggest usage advantage of magnet armature models is their easy installation feature. Therefore, it is the best solution for temporary and portable lighting needs.
    • Magnet rail spot lighting helps to achieve the desired decorative effect in the space.</ li>
    • Magnet lighting fixtures increase the aesthetics of the space with their decorative designs.
    • Magnet fixtures equipped with LED technology are environmentally friendly. It reduces the costs of businesses and minimizes the damage to the environment by saving energy.

    How to Install Magnet Lighting?

    Magnet lighting can be easily mounted on metal areas thanks to its magnetic hardware. For installation, first make sure that the power supply of the magnetic base fixture is charged. Then place the magnet armatures on the magnetic base and connect them. Adjust the angle of the magnet rail lighting according to the area you want to highlight. Finally, the light angle and intensity of the magnet are adjusted and the installation of the luminaire is completed.

    Where is Magnet Spot Lighting Used?

    Magnet LED is used in many areas thanks to its professional lighting solutions, portable and lighting equipment. Magnetic spotlights, which provide high lighting performance, are frequently used for project purposes. It is preferred in exhibitions and fairs where temporary lighting is needed. Additionally, its shading and highlighting capabilities allow magnet LED lighting to be used in stores.

    Magnet Lighting Models and Prices

    Magnet lighting; They are divided into models according to features such as light source type, luminaire material and wattage. Magnet LED lighting models produced by Licalux Lighting include models such as Dais, Ecru, Ideas, Artic, Focus, Magnet Spot and Wash.

    Magnet lighting prices; It is determined according to the fixture type, model, features, brand and light source. As Magnet LED lighting manufacturer Licalux Lighting, we continue to offer affordable solutions to our customers. Please contact us to discuss magnet lighting fixture types and prices.

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