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    Linear Lighting

    In this week's article, we will talk about linear LED lighting systems. In the content of our article, you can find the answer to what linear lighting is and information about the usage areas of linear lighting; You can supply the best linear lighting models for your business from Licalux Lighting.

    What is Linear Lighting?

    Linear lighting refers to systems produced with LED technology. Linear lighting fixtures, known for their cutting-edge technology and innovative systems, have an aluminum body. Linear luminaire models with long and thin design provide lighting to the environment with more than one LED or fluorescent lamp. Linear lighting is also called linear lighting.

    LED strips, linear LED panel, LED strip luminaires and fluorescent types are used in linear lighting systems. Unlike luminaires produced in standard form, linear lighting models are produced according to the requested dimensions and colors. Linear LED lighting, which is suitable for flush-mounted and surface-mounted use, offers versatile use.

    Linear LED Lighting Types

    Linear LED lighting systems can be produced in different colors, models and sizes within the scope of needs and requests. Commonly preferred linear LED lighting types according to the application area and space design are as follows:

      • Surface Mounted Linear Lighting

      • Recessed Linear Lighting

      • Suspended Linear Lighting

    What are Linear Armature Features?

    Soft and high quality lighting linear luminaires are systems that provide high performance for high ceiling structures. The most preferred reason for linear lighting is that it provides economic savings to users. In addition to efficient economic solutions, it is possible to summarize the features of linear luminaires as follows:

      • Linear lighting systems with innovative technology that incorporate elegance and aesthetics are economical solutions with their long-lasting use.

      • Linear lighting systems produced with LED light technology offer efficient use to users.

      • Linear models are designed with motion sensor according to the need.

      • Linear LED systems are equipped with emergency lighting kits. Therefore, it helps safety in emergency situations.

      • LED linear luminaires are integrated with intelligent lighting systems.

      • Linear models are designed with a diffuser or an opaque cover. The luminaire therefore provides homogeneous illumination to the surroundings.

      • Linear luminaires used in industrial areas have a robust IP rating.

      • Linear luminaires that provide strong light to the environment do not cause eye discomfort to people.

      • Outdoor linear luminaires are equipped with robust structures against adverse weather conditions.

      • Linear lighting models distribute light homogeneously in large areas. It prevents eye fatigue.

    In Which Areas Is Linear Lighting Used?

    Linear lighting systems are frequently used in industrial and commercial areas. Thanks to their versatile and long-lasting use, linear LED luminaires are preferred for most spaces. The areas where linear lighting systems are used intensively are as follows:

      • Industrial plants,

      • Offices,

      • Educational institutions,

      • Stores,

      • Hospitals and health facilities,

      • Shopping Mall,

      • Linear lighting systems are used in many areas such as hotels and restaurants.

    Linear Lighting Prices in Turkey

    The prices of linear lighting in Turkey fixtures vary according to the company, quality, brand, features and installation options. Produced by Licalux Lighting linear luminaire models can contact us for linear luminaire models; You can review Linear Lighting Fixtures on our website.