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    Linear Lighting

    FAQ About Linear Lighting

    What are Linear Lighting Fixtures?

    Linear lighting refers to systems produced with LED technology. Linear lighting fixtures, known for their cutting-edge, innovative systems, have an aluminum body. Linear luminaire models, which have a long and thin design, provide illumination to the environment with more than one LED or fluorescent lamp. Linear lighting is also called linear lighting.

    LED strips, linear LED panels, LED strip fixtures and fluorescent types are used in linear lighting systems. Unlike fixtures produced in standard form, linear lighting models are produced according to the requested dimensions and colors. Under plaster and on plaster. Linear LED lighting suitable for versatile uses. offers usage.

    Linear LED Lighting types

    Linear armature types are among the new generation systems in the field of lighting.

    Linear LED lighting systems; needç and can be produced in different colors, models and sizes upon request. Linear LED lighting types, which are widely preferred according to application area and space design, are as follows:

    • Plaster Topü Linear Lighting
    • Recessed Linear Lighting
    • Suspended Linear Lighting

    What are the Features of Linear Lighting Fixtures? 

    Linear lighting systems have their own unique features. It has certain features. These features ensure maximum efficiency in linear lighting types. For this reason, when choosing among linear lighting models, the needs and size of the area must be taken into consideration. Consider features such as. Here are the points you should consider when choosing between linear lighting models;

    • Linear lighting products with innovative technology that include elegance and aesthetics are long-lasting. It is an economical solution with its uses.
    • Linear lighting products produced with LED light technology offer efficient use to users.
    • Linear led lighting products, motion sensor, according to need. It is designed with.
    • Linear LED lighting products include emergency lighting kits. Therefore, it helps safety in emergency situations.
    • Linear lighting products are integrated with smart lighting systems.
    • Linear lighting products are designed with a diffuser or an opaque cover. Therefore, it provides homogeneous illumination to the environment.
    • Linear Lighting Models used in industrial areas have a robust IP rating.
    • Çenvironmentally friendly Linear lighting systems that provide light do not cause eye discomfort to people.
    • Linear armatures are equipped with robust structures against adverse weather conditions.
    • Linear LED lighting products distribute light homogeneously in large areas. It prevents eye fatigue.

    What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing Linear Lighting Types?

    Insideç The lighting systems preferred in spaces vary depending on the need. For this reason, linear lighting types are preferred, depending on the size of the area. should be taken into consideration. In addition, there are a few things to consider: There is another point. These;

    • Linear Lighting Fixtures must fully meet the lighting needs. Adequate lighting level should be calculated based on the size of the area.
    • The controllability of linear LED lighting products may be better for outdoor lighting. For this reason, make sure that it can be integrated with sensors or smart systems.
    • In order to provide adequate illumination in the area, attention should be paid to the selection of a lighting company for the most efficient linear lighting types. Linear lighting manufacturers must provide warranty and after-sales support to the user.

    In Which Areas Is Linear Lighting Used?

    Linear lighting systems are frequently used in industrial and commercial areas. Versatile and long lasting. Thanks to their usage, linear LED fixtures are preferred for most places. The areas where linear lighting systems are mostly used are as follows:

    • Industrial facilities,
    • Offices,
    • Educational institutions,
    • Stores,
    • Hospitals and health facilities,
    • Shopping mall,
    • Linear lighting systems are used in many areas such as hotels and restaurants.

    Linear Lighting Prices

    Linear lighting prices are determined within the framework of the features of the fixtures. Linear lighting prices; It varies depending on the brand, model, projector lighting systems, wholesale purchasing and additional features.

    Linear lighting prices are in Turkey. Licalux Lighting, which designs lighting products specifically for spaces, is known for providing economical alternatives among lighting companies in the sector. For budget-friendly floor lighting systems, contact Licalux Lighting, the linear lighting manufacturers, as soon as possible!

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    Linear lighting prices are basically determined by the country of production, brand, model, size, LED technology and additional features.

    Linear lighting installation is not difficult, but the installation must be done by experts in the field.

    Linear lighting is a highly energy-saving luminaire solution compared to traditional lighting systems.

    Among the linear lighting fixtures, there are waterproof, strong IP rated models. Waterproof linear fixtures should be chosen for outdoor use.

    Linear lighting fixtures can be installed in any area that needs comprehensive lighting, such as offices, schools and factories. Frequently linear lighting; It is used in surface-mounted, flush-mounted and pendant areas.