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    Industrial Lighting Fixtures


    What is Industrial Lighting?

    Industrial lighting; These are systems used in work areas, commercial areas and industrial facilities. Industrial lighting systems customized for businesses and employees have versatile features. Basically, industrial lighting increases both the safety and function of spaces. Industrial lighting fixtures are specially designed to withstand harsh working conditions and provide businesses with long-term use.

    What are the Types of Industrial Lighting?

    Industrial lighting systems designed for intense working conditions differ according to needs. In general, industrial lighting is considered the most suitable systems for businesses. It is possible to summarize the types of industrial lighting commonly used in industrial facilities as follows:

    • High Bay Luminaires
    • Exproof Luminaires
    • Tunnel Lighting
    • Waterproof Luminaires

    Industrial Lighting Systems Features

    Industrial lighting systems are among the architectural solutions of facilities. Industrial lighting fixtures, which are among the basic elements of architectural decoration, make the working conditions of businesses convenient. Although it varies according to sectoral needs, the general features of industrial lighting systems are as follows:

    • LED industrial lighting systems minimize energy consumption by providing high efficiency. Thus, the systems are both environmentally friendly and help businesses reduce their costs.
    • To optimize light levels, industrial fixtures have timers and It has automation.
    • Adequate lighting levels in industrial facilities prevent possible work accidents.
    • Lighting fixtures customized for industrial areas not only increase productivity but also support the comfort of employees.
    • Industrial lighting fixtures, which are additional to security systems, provide maximum security by allowing the employee to see the surroundings more easily.
    • Industrial lighting products have a structure that is resistant to damage and adverse weather conditions. It helps the functionality of the area by continuing to work despite the difficult working conditions.

    How Should Industrial Lighting Designs Be?

    Industrial lighting fixtures; It should be designed with systems that improve the quality of businesses, keep energy costs balanced and ensure the safety of employees. In addition to these features, the basic step of the design should be the purpose and function of lighting. Although additional features are added to LED luminaire designs according to industrial facilities, the factors to be considered in industrial lighting designs in general are as follows:

    • Industrial LED luminaires should be designed with innovative technologies and nature-friendly structures.
    • Industrial fixtures that remain on constantly should provide long-term energy savings to businesses.
    • Industrial general lighting should be equipped with systems that will maximize efficiency.
    • Systems can be equipped with motion sensors in line with the lighting demands of workplaces and industrial facilities.
    • Industrial luminaires for security needs must have emergency lighting integration. In emergency situations, fixtures should ensure the safety of workers and assist in evacuation.

    What Should Be Considered When Choosing Industrial Lighting Fixtures?

    The standards that businesses need in their lighting systems vary. For this reason, industrial lighting fixtures should be selected within the framework of the characteristics of the facility. General factors to consider when choosing among industrial lighting fixtures are as follows:

    • Industrial lighting products must fully meet the lighting needs. Adequate lighting level should be calculated according to the size and usage area of the industrial facility.
    • The operating conditions of the facility are important when choosing industrial LED luminaires. Luminaires must be resistant to dust, moisture and high temperatures.
    • The lighting level varies in industrial areas within the scope of the needs of the space. According to the standards of the job, low lighting levels are preferred in some areas, while intense lighting is needed in other areas.
    • Care should be taken when choosing a lighting company for the most efficient industrial lighting products for your business. The industrial lighting company must provide warranty and after-sales support to the user.

    Industrial LED Luminaire Prices

    Industrial lighting prices are determined within the framework of the features of the fixtures. Industrial LED fixture prices; It varies depending on brand, model, lighting control systems, wholesale purchasing and additional features. The most affordable industrial LED lighting costs are in Turkey. Licalux Lighting, which designs special lighting products for industrial facilities, is known for providing economical alternatives among lighting companies in the sector. For budget-friendly industrial lighting systems, contact Industrial LED Luminaire manufacturer Licalux Lighting as soon as possible!

    Industrial Lighting Companies

    If you are looking for efficient and innovative ideas in industrial LED lighting systems; Licalux Lighting is here for your business! Industrial LED lighting fixtures, offered to users by the industrial lighting company Licalux Lighting, not only offer a high level of comfort to the users, but also prioritize efficiency and savings. Industrial fixtures that minimize maintenance costs offer quality to users in terms of price and performance. To add value to the production of your business, contact Licalux Lighting, the industrial lighting manufacturer and exporter, immediately!