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    Industrial Lighting Fixtures

    Tunnel Lighting

    Industrial lighting models, which provide great advantages in industrial areas, offer high functional efficiency and enable business processes to be carried out more safely and efficiently. Thus, industrial lighting solutions reduce operating costs and optimize working environments. You can make business processes safer and more efficient with Licalux’s Industrial Lighting Models.

    What is Industrial Lighting?

    Industrial Lighting Models, also known as Industrial Lighting models, refer to special lighting solutions used in large-scale industrial areas such as factories, warehouses, production facilities, logistics centers and similar. These lighting systems are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and offer high efficiency and low maintenance. These Industrial Lighting Solutions increase the safety and productivity of employees by illuminating large areas homogeneously. At the same time, it contributes to environmental sustainability by saving energy thanks to its LED technology feature.

    Industrial Type Lightings, which contribute greatly to the advancement of business processes, offer high lumen output and accurate light distribution to effectively illuminate large areas with high ceilings. Thus, it offers solutions suitable for different lighting needs of industrial facilities with its various mounting options and adjustability features.

    What are the Types of Industrial Lighting?

    Industrial lighting systems designed for intense working conditions differ according to needs. In general, industrial lighting is considered the most suitable systems for businesses. It is possible to summarize the types of industrial lighting commonly used in industrial facilities as follows:

    • High Bay Luminaires
    • Exproof Luminaires
    • Tunnel Lighting
    • Waterproof Luminaires are among the industrial lighting types.

    Industrial Lighting Systems Features

    Industrial lighting systems are among the architectural solutions frequently used by facilities. These industrial lighting fixtures, which are among the basic elements of architectural decoration, make the working conditions of businesses convenient. Although it varies according to sectoral needs, the general features of industrial lighting systems are as follows:

    • LED industrial lighting systems minimize energy consumption by providing high efficiency. Thus, the systems are both environmentally friendly and help businesses reduce their costs.
    • Industrial fixtures have timers and automation to optimize light levels.
    • Due to the structure of LED Industrial Luminaire Models, adequate lighting levels in industrial facilities prevent possible work accidents.
    • Industrial lighting fixtures customized for industrial areas not only increase productivity but also support the comfort of employees.
    • Industrial lighting fixtures, which are additional to security systems, provide maximum security by allowing the employee to see the surroundings more easily.
    • Industrial lighting products have a structure that is resistant to damage and adverse weather conditions. It helps the functionality of the area by continuing to work despite the difficult working conditions.

    What Should Lighting Products Be Like for Industrial Facilities?

    Industrial lighting fixtures; It should be designed with systems that improve the quality of businesses, keep energy costs balanced and ensure the safety of employees. In addition to these features, the main step in the design of Industrial Lighting Types should be the purpose and function of lighting. In this regard, while adding additional features to the designs of Lighting Products for Industrial Facilities, the factors to be considered in general industrial lighting designs are as follows:

    • Industrial LED luminaire models should be designed with innovative technologies and nature-friendly structures.
    • Industrial fixtures that remain constantly on should provide long-term energy savings to businesses.
    • In addition, Industrial Lighting Designs should be equipped with systems that will maximize efficiency.
    • Industrial Lighting Designs can be equipped with motion sensors in line with the lighting demands of the work site and industrial facilities.
    • For security needs, industrial fixtures must have emergency lighting integration. In emergency situations, fixtures should ensure the safety of workers and assist in evacuation.

    What Should Be Considered When Choosing Industrial Lighting FFFFixtures?

    The standards that businesses need in their lighting systems vary. For this reason, industrial lighting fixtures should be selected within the framework of the characteristics of the facility. General factors to consider when choosing among industrial lighting fixtures are as follows:

    • Industrial lighting products must fully meet the lighting needs. In addition, adequate lighting level should be calculated according to the size and usage area of ​​the industrial facility.
    • The operating conditions of the facility are important when choosing industrial LED luminaires. In addition, LED Industrial Luminaire Models must be resistant to dust, moisture and high temperatures.
    • The lighting level varies in industrial areas within the scope of the needs of the space. For this reason, Industrial Type Lighting should be preferred in line with the needs of the place.
    • Care should be taken when choosing a lighting company for the most efficient industrial lighting products for your business. The industrial lighting company must provide warranty and after-sales support to the user.
    • You should consider your budget when purchasing industrial lighting products.

    What are the Benefits of Industrial Lighting?

    Industrial areas are one of the most important areas today for the continuation of production and efficiency. At this point, it is very important to choose high quality and correct lighting systems. At this point, we can explain the benefits of Industrial Lighting Solutions to you as follows.

    • It saves energy thanks to its high-efficiency LED technology.
    • It reduces energy costs by providing high lumen output with less energy consumption.
    • Since Industrial Lighting Models are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, they offer a long-lasting usage guarantee.
    • In addition, LED Industrial Luminaire Models increase occupational safety by providing homogeneous and evenly distributed illumination.
    • It also increases productivity and work performance by reducing eye fatigue of employees.
    • Thanks to adjustable and modular designs, Industrial Lighting Types easily adapt to changing needs.
    • Finally, Industrial Lighting Designs optimize energy management and increase operating efficiency with smart sensors and automation systems.

    Features of Industrial Industrial Lighting Models

    • Industrial lighting products are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments and are resistant to impacts, vibrations and dust.
    • Energy-saving LED technology is used. Thus, Industrial Lighting Models achieve high lumen output with less energy consumption.
    • LED Industrial Luminaire Models generally reduce maintenance requirements by using long-lasting components and materials. For this reason, operating costs are reduced.
    • LED Industrial Luminaire Models with evenly distributed and anti-glare lighting structure minimize shadows and dark spots.
      With its high CRI value, it ensures that colors appear accurate and clear. Thus,
    • Industrial Lighting Types improve quality control processes.
    • Industrial lighting systems that can adapt to changing production needs offer adjustable and modular designs.

    Areas Where Industrial Lighting Solutions Are Important

    In industrial areas where production continues uninterrupted, industrial lighting systems are used to ensure a perfect production process. These systems generally appear as Production Area Lighting, Assembly and Manufacturing Area Lighting, Warehouse Lighting, Food Production Facility Lighting, Automotive Industry Lighting, Ceramic Workshop Lighting, Carpenter Workshop Lighting and Textile Workshop Lighting. To discuss the features of the lighting systems preferred in these areas;

    Production Area Lighting

    In production area lighting, which is one of the areas where Industrial Lighting is very important, the correct lighting must be selected from a functional perspective. At this point, importance should be given to industrial wall lighting and industrial ceiling lighting. For this, lighting in the production area should be between 300-500 lux and cold white lighting should be preferred. In this way, you can increase the productivity of your employees to the highest level. At the same time, you can get help from ex-proof industrial lighting for industrial ceiling lighting. In this way, you can achieve maximum efficiency from business processes and at the same time ensure that your employees work in a safe environment.

    Assembly and Manufacturing Area Lighting

    Assembly and Manufacturing Area Lighting is one of the areas that is at least as important as other lighting areas. At this point, you need to pay attention to industrial wall lighting and industrial floor lighting, especially in assembly and manufacturing lighting. For this reason, you should choose Industrial Lighting Solutions between 300-500 lux for industrial wall lighting. In this way, you can increase the focus of your employees. In addition, you can choose fixtures that provide high light transmittance for assembly and manufacturing area lighting. However, you can choose sensor lighting options for industrial floor lighting and choose high brightness lighting fixtures.

    Warehouse Lighting

    Warehouses, one of the most critical points of production, are very important in terms of industrial lighting. Because good lighting means flawless warehouse management. At this point, importance should be given to industrial ceiling lighting and industrial floor lighting. For this purpose, a lighting level between 150-300 lux should be preferred for industrial ceiling lighting and cold white light should be used. In addition, industrial lighting systems that are resistant to dust, moisture and chemicals are preferred to ensure the durability of the lighting fixtures. For this reason, warehouse lighting should definitely include lighting made of durable and protective materials. For industrial floor lighting, sensor lighting systems can be used. At the same time, cold white light that increases focus can be preferred.

    Food Production Facility Lighting

    Food production facilities, which are among the places where production is concentrated, are one of the places where lighting is important. For this reason, in food production lighting, industrial wall lighting and industrial floor lighting should be given importance. For this reason, natural white or cold white should be used in industrial wall lighting to create an atmosphere that ensures hygiene and efficiency. At the same time, Industrial lighting products that ensure homogeneous distribution of light can be preferred. Highly energy efficient Industrial Lighting Models can be used in industrial floor lighting.

    Automotive Industry Lighting

    The automotive industry, which is one of the places where uninterrupted production continues around the clock, is one of the places that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to lighting. For this reason, within the scope of industrial lighting, importance should be given to industrial floor lighting and industrial ceiling lighting. For this purpose, while warm white lights are used in industrial floor lighting, industrial lighting options that are resistant to dust, moisture, impact and chemicals should be preferred. Finally, for industrial ceiling lighting, industrial space smart lighting systems with motion sensors or timer features should be preferred.

    Ceramic Workshop Lighting

    Another place where Industrial Lighting gains importance is ceramic workshop lighting. We recommend that you pay attention to ceramic workshop ceiling lighting in ceramic workshop lighting. Because in this way, you can provide functionally correct lighting. For this purpose, LED Industrial Luminaire Models with natural or cold white color should be used in ceramic workshop ceiling lighting. In addition, Industrial Lighting Types between 300 and 500 lux that are resistant to elements such as dust and moisture can be preferred. In this way, you can make ceramic workshops safe.

    Carpenter Workshop Lighting

    It is very important to have adequate lighting in carpentry workshops where all wood and wood products are produced and designed, from the sofa we sit on to the table we eat. For this reason, attention should be paid to industrial ceiling lighting. At this point, lighting that is suitable for long-term use and has high energy efficiency should be preferred for industrial ceiling lighting. In addition, we recommend using Industrial Lighting Designs between 500 and 1000 lux. Thus, you ensure safety and efficiency in carpentry workshops.

    Industrial Lighting Prices in Turkey

    Industrial lighting prices; It varies depending on model, brand, function and bulk purchase. Licalux Lighting, one of the Industrial Lighting Manufacturers, offers quality solutions to users at affordable prices. You can review Lighting Products for Industrial Facilities on our website, and you can also contact us for Industrial Lighting Prices.

    Industrial Lighting Companies in Turkey

    Licalux Lighting is an important industrial lighting company in Turkey. Licalux Lighting, one of the important industrial lighting manufacturers, offers the best solutions for its customers. When deciding between lighting products for industrial facilities, many points should be taken into consideration. Therefore, you can meet with our professional team and exchange ideas about the best industrial lighting products. The industrial lighting models you will use in your project will expand your ideas and provide 100% satisfaction. You can get your location, architectural project or designs from Licalux Lighting, which has an important place among industrial lighting manufacturers.