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    The way to feel cozy and comfortable in spaces is definitely through the right indoor lighting. As Licalux Lighting, we add value to spaces with our interior products and guarantee visual comfort in people’s lives. We bring together professional interior lighting designs and contemporary ideas in spaces. We offer our customers human-oriented sustainable interior lighting products by using optical technology in lighting solutions.

    What is Indoor Lighting?

    Indoor lighting refers to the effective and accurate illumination of an area. Lighting increases the visibility of people indoors. It offers functional convenience to users by providing visual comfort. The focus of indoor lighting is to provide functional benefits to the person and make the environment efficient. Interior lighting serves a specific purpose and improves a person’s quality of life.

    Lightings direct the perception of daily life and affect mental health. It plays a leading role in directing your activities. With the use of correct light, the desired space concept can be achieved and life can be supported. Indoor lighting; It is chosen according to the function of the space, the angle of incidence, color, source, distribution and location of the light. After determining the area of use, it is important to choose the right luminaire to achieve the best performance in lighting.

    Indoor Lighting Types

    Indoor lighting types differ within the framework of the needs of the space and aesthetic goals. Commonly preferred indoor lighting types are as follows:

    • Magnet System,
    • Linear Lighting,
    • Downlight Spotlight,
    • Surface Mounted Downlight,
    • Surface Mounted Lighting,
    • Panel Lighting,
    • Ray Spots,
    • Decorative Lighting,
    • Hidden Lighting and
    • Emergency Lighting is among the types of indoor lighting.

    What are the Layers of Indoor Lighting?

    Indoor lighting designs are designed in line with the functionality, atmosphere and purposes of the space. The right lighting can reveal the spirit of the space and reveal the fine touches. Even a small change in lighting level and appearance can greatly change the mood of the environment. Monotonous spaces gain a lively and aesthetic appearance with decorative lighting solutions. Within the framework of these factors, 3 layers are mainly used in interior lighting design. The indoor lighting layers that make life easier are as follows:

    General Lighting: This layer illuminates the space as a whole. General lighting provides a homogeneous image in interior spaces. It supports functionality in daily life. Thanks to general lighting, people can easily carry out their basic activities.

    Task Lighting: Task lighting is the layer that helps perform a specific action indoors. It meets the lighting needs in areas such as kitchen countertops, make-up tables and work tables. Task lighting provides people with efficiency and comfort in their work.

    Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is preferred to illuminate a specific area or highlight an element. It is especially used for window lighting. Spot lights or lighting rails are generally preferred for accent lighting.

    How Should Indoor Lighting Fixtures Be Designed?

    Lighting is one of the most important parts of the decor in space decoration. Indoor lighting fixtures are the element that completes the architectural decoration. Modern interior lighting reflects the identity of the place in the most beautiful way. Therefore, its design must be done carefully. Indoor lighting design should basically be designed to make human life easier and more efficient. In interior lighting design, recognizing the space for lighting inspiration is a priority. After learning the purpose, height, size and desired style of the space, the idea of lighting emerges. In general, the details in indoor lighting design are as follows:

    • First of all, indoor lighting should not disturb the person. Interior lighting should be similar to the natural color of the space. LED lighting should not disrupt the natural atmosphere.
    • Interior lighting should provide healthier comfort by protecting eye health.
    • Indoor luminaire must have a CRI rate of at least 80%. Space lighting should appeal to the user in a tone close to natural. For commercial projects, the CRI limit should be at least 90% so that it can be done easily with the right choice of goals and objectives.
    • In interior lighting design, attention should be paid to the color harmony and style of the areas. For example, kitchen lighting and bedroom interior lighting should not be similar. Both areas have their own needs and activities. With the right lighting choice, the interior can fully show its character.

    The Importance of Design in Indoor Lighting

    The importance of indoor lighting fixtures systems is that they make human life easier. While the correct and eye-catching decoration benefits the person’s health, it increases the person’s enjoyment of the place and the desire to be in the place. In interior design lighting, in addition to the decorative structure, the quality, intensity, Kelvin level, compatibility with the space and lumen value of the light are important. A correct interior lighting design is critical for the quality of the environment as well as the quality of life of the person.

    Professionally designed indoor lighting supports people to calm down and relax indoors. Distributing the light evenly in the space and being in a central location helps it to provide its function with the highest efficiency. The quality of the LED fixture ensures that the space is eye-catching and the architectural design is in the desired atmosphere. When visually aesthetic lighting is placed in the right location and light level in the interior, a unique decoration is achieved in the area.

    What Should Be Considered in Indoor Lighting Technology?

    Indoor lighting involves meticulous processes. Every detail, from the design of the fixtures to their placement in the space, should be carefully organized. Incorrectly selected and designed interior lighting can negatively affect body and mental health and cause discomfort. Therefore, there are factors to be considered in indoor lighting. Things you need to pay attention to for correct indoor lighting are as follows:

    • Indoor lighting systems should be taken into consideration first when choosing LED fixtures. The automation systems of the space should be able to carry the selected interior lighting.
    • Light reflections and emissions should be calculated according to the space.
    • The light source must be stable and not vibrate while working. Flickering light harms a person’s eye health over time.
    • Indoors, the light source should be positioned in a place that will not tire the eyes. This is why the use of a diffuser is necessary.
    • It should be calculated at what level and how much the interior should be illuminated. Adequate lighting levels should be balanced in the area.
    • After the basic settings of the light are determined, the desired aesthetic decoration should be designed.
    • Lighting fixture and light must be compatible with each other.
    • Color harmony should be observed in the lighting selected for interior lighting. The space and the lighting color should support each other.
    • The interior lighting model should present a homogeneous image in all areas of the space.

    Indoor Lighting Prices

    Indoor lighting prices vary depending on the fixture. Interior lighting prices are determined according to the design detail, model, brand, color and wholesale purchase of the luminaire. Licalux Lighting, which provides professional interior lighting services, offers high-efficiency interior lighting to the users’ experience with affordable price policies.

    Indoor Lighting Companies

    Licalux Lighting is an indoor lighting company in Turkey. Indoor lighting manufacturer Licalux Lighting offers the best solutions for its customers. Your decision in choosing indoor lighting fixtures can turn into a quality that will make a difference in the perception of the space. Therefore, you can contact our professional teams for the best indoor lighting solutions; You can exchange ideas. The lighting models you will use in your project will expand the vision of your idea and provide 100% satisfaction. You can obtain the best indoor lighting models for your location, architectural project or designs from Licalux Lighting.

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