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    Floor Lighting

    What is LED Floor Lighting Fixture?

    Floor lighting designs, also known as recessed LED lighting, are LED light source systems that are generally used outdoors and are mounted or integrated into the ground. These systems are designed for decorative, aesthetic or functional purposes and can be preferred in outdoor areas such as open air areas, gardens, walkways, terraces, poolsides and other landscaping areas. Additionally, it can be used indoors, especially for decorative lighting. These lighting systems generally contribute to the atmosphere of the place because they contain RGB LEDs. Floor designs, which are very advantageous in outdoor lighting systems, are also a budget-friendly product because they have energy efficiency and environmentally friendly features.

    What are the Types of Recessed LED Lighting?

    Recessed LED Lighting models, which offer an excellent lighting option in open areas, are divided into types according to usage areas and needs. These lighting types are divided into 6 types. These; Inground 3 LED Floor Lighting Types, Inground 5 Floor Lighting Models, Inground 9 Recessed LED Lighting Products, Inlinea Floor Lighting Designs, Underline LED Floor Lighting and Route Recessed LED Lighting Products. If we need to examine the mentioned floor lighting products in detail;

    Inground 3 LED Floor Lighting Types

    Inground 3 LED ground lighting types, which are good options among outdoor lighting, are specially designed for parks and gardens. This lighting product, which has an Aluminum Injection Body structure, is modern and modern thanks to its feature of recessing it into the ground. It has an impressive design. At the same time, it is suitable for long-term use with itsstainless steel structure. Inground 3 LED floor lighting, which has a flawless design, also has a PMMA lens. Although the lumen values and power values of these lighting products vary depending on the model, the average lumen values vary between 360 lux and 750 lumens. The power value varies between 3W and 7W.

    Inground 5 Floor Lighting Models

    Inground 5 Ground Lighting Models, specially designed for parks and gardens, are perfect for outdoor spaces. This minimal recessed LED lighting model, which has a modern and impressive appearance with its Aluminum Injection Body structure, has a tempered glass structure and a PMMA lens. Although the lumen values and power values of the Inground 5 LED floor lighting with Light Angle: 15°, 25°, 45° vary depending on the model, the average lumen values vary between 550 lumens and 950 lumens. In addition, the power value is between 5W and 9W.

    Inground 9 Recessed LED Lighting Products

    Inground 9 recessed LED lighting products, which are among the most preferred products among outdoor lighting, are a perfect option for park and garden lighting systems. These lighting products, which are quite perfect, have an Aluminum Extrusion Body structure and also have a PMMA lens. This Inground 5 with PMMA Lens construction is the front-end lens with the effect of dispersing reflection and reducing glare. comes to the fore. These lighting products mentioned

    Although lumen values and power values ​​vary depending on the model, average lumen values ​​vary between 1100 lux and 1650 lumens. The power value varies between 10W and 15W.

    Inlinea Floor Lighting Designs

    Inlinea Floor Lighting Designs, one of the most preferred products among outdoor lighting, is a very suitable lighting system for areas such as parks / gardens and architectural lighting. These lighting systems have IP67 protected opal diffuser structureand < span style=”font-weight: 400;”>consists of aluminum profile. Inlinea lighting systems, which have an aluminum extrusion body, have a stainless frame. Although the lumen values and power values of these lighting product systems vary depending on the model, the average lumen values vary between 250 lux and 760 lux. The power value varies between 3 w and 10 w.

    Underline Led Floor Lighting

    Underline led floor lighting systems, which have an important place among outdoor lighting; It can be preferred for areas such as parks/gardens, shops and markets. These lighting products are designed to provide bright and clean aesthetics and provide the highest level of flexibility. In addition, it has an Aluminum Extrusion Body structure and Light Angle: 10°, 15°, 25°, 10X60°. Although Underline LED floor lighting products with PMMA Optical Lens have varying lumen values and power value models, on average the lumen values vary between 1050 lux and 3780 lux. Power values vary between 10W and 36 W.

    Route Recessed LED Lighting Products

    Route recessed LED lighting system recommended by LED Lighting Manufacturers; It is ideal for Parks/Gardens, emergency exits and guidance, Tunnels and Stations. This lighting system has an Aluminum Injection Body structure and a PMMA Optical Lens. Although the lumen value and power values of Route recessed LED lighting products vary depending on the model, the average lumen values vary between 120 lux and 480 lux. In addition, the power value varies between 2w and 6w.

    What are the Features of LED Floor Lighting Products?

    Recessed LED lighting systems have certain unique features. These features ensure maximum efficiency from LED floor lighting systems. For this reason, when choosing among floor lighting types, be sure to consider features such as needs and the size of the area. Here are the points you should consider when choosing LED floor lighting systems;

    • You should choose landscape LED lighting fixtures made of long-lasting materials that are resistant to outdoor conditions. At this point, durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminum may be preferred.
    • The recessed LED lighting fixtures you choose should be easy to install and simple to install. Additionally, having replaceable or upgradeable parts is advantageous for ease of maintenance.
    • The color temperature of the lighting affects the atmosphere of the place. Warm tones (3000K-4000K) generally provide a relaxing atmosphere, while cooler tones (5000K and above) can offer a more vibrant appearance.
    • Determine what kind of atmosphere or effect you want to create in the area where the floor lighting system is used. Visual emphasis, general lighting, security or decorative purposes should be part of this evaluation.

    What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing Floor Lighting Systems?

    Lighting systems preferred in open areas vary depending on the need. Therefore, when choosing ground lighting systems, the size of the area should be taken into consideration. In addition, there are a few more points to consider. These;

    • Floor LED lighting models must fully meet the lighting needs. Adequate illumination level should be calculated based on the size of the area.
    • Floor lighting must be resistant to outdoor conditions. Check its resistance to water and dust with IP (Ingress Protection) classification. Care should be taken to ensure that it is waterproof, especially in areas where there are gardens or water features.
    • The controllability of recessed LED lighting systems may be better for outdoor lighting. For this reason, make sure that it can be integrated with sensors or smart systems.
    • In order to provide adequate illumination in the area, attention should be paid to choosing the lighting company for the most efficient recessed LED lighting types. Floor Lighting company must provide warranty and after-sales support to the user.

    Floor Lighting Prices

    The prices of floor lighting systems are determined within the framework of the features of the fixtures. Recessed LED lighting systems prices; It varies depending on brand, model, projector lighting systems, wholesale purchasing and additional features.

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