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    What is Downlight?

    Downlight fixture is a lighting system that works embedded in the ceiling or wall. It is equipped with new generation lighting technology. LED downlight fixtures add visual aesthetics and a spacious appearance to the atmosphere. For this reason, it is often preferred in areas where aesthetic architectural decor is observed.

    What are the Downlight Types?

    Downlight fixtures are basically divided into 2 groups depending on the mechanism and installation process. Luminaires in indoor lighting preference; They are divided into flush-mounted downlights and surface-mounted downlights. Recessed downlights are mounted on the ceiling or wall and are embedded into the space. Surface-mounted downlight is a type of fixture that is mounted at ceiling or wall level.

    Downlight Luminaire Types Connected to Mechanism

    Fixed Downlight: Fixed downlight is a widely used type of LED downlight lighting. Multiple fixed downlight fixtures are used to provide adequate illumination in spaces. In this lighting system, as the light angle decreases, its intensity increases in the same direction.

    Adjustable Downlight: Adjustable downlight offers multifunctional use thanks to its ability to adjust the direction and angle of the light. It is possible to move the armature at different angles depending on the intended use. Usually adjustable downlight; It is preferred for accent lighting in homes and public spaces.

    Dimmable Downlight: Dimmable downlight, which offers technology in lighting, is equipped with the feature of adjusting the light intensity. The light intensity of the luminaire can be changed according to activities and daylight during the day.

    Downlight Spot LED Lighting Models

    Licalux produces downlight fixtures within the scope of the needs of the lighting project. LED downlight fixture options; It varies according to color temperature, operating voltage and power values. The models of the products offered for sale by downlight manufacturer Licalux Aydınlatma are as follows:

    • LANCE
    • PALM
    • SUITE S
    • RIO S
    • STICK
    • ROLED
    • VISTA
    • BRANCO

    Downlight Spot Led Aydınlatma Özellikleri

    LED downlight fixtures are designed with special aluminum alloy systems. Downlight fixture with aluminum coolers gives confidence to users. Downlight fixtures; Its aesthetic appearance and economical structure ensure maximum efficiency from lighting. The features and advantages of downlight LED fixtures, which are frequently used in lighting projects, are as follows:

    • Downlight fixtures feature LED technology. Therefore, it consumes low energy in lighting. The fixtures also prove to be environmentally friendly by not containing harmful substances such as mercury.
    • LED downlight lighting saves energy consumption. Downlight lighting systems consist of power layers that offer economical options. In this way, the fixtures prevent electricity costs from increasing.

    Usage Areas of LED Downlight Luminaires

    LED downlight lighting systems are preferred for general lighting and auxiliary lighting in projects. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses. The usage areas of downlight fixtures that provide economical and efficient lighting are as follows:

    • House,
    • Office,
    • Villa,
    • Shopping centre,
    • Shopping malls,
    • Showroom,
    • Museum,
    • Hospital,
    • hotel and
    • It is used in the lighting of commercial projects.

    How to Install Downlights?

    Downlight installation is done by professionals. For LED downlight installation, first the location of the ceiling is marked. After the mounting points are determined, holes are drilled in the ceiling to place the fixtures. After the wiring of the fixtures is done by experts, the downlight is placed and made ready for use.

    How to Maintain Downlight?

    For long-lasting downlight fixture use, the devices must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Wet wipes should be avoided when cleaning downlight fixtures. Cleaning of the armature should be done with a dry cloth. Water or liquid will damage the downlight system. While cleaning the fixture, make sure that the light is off.

    Factors to Consider Before Choosing Downlights

    The selection of downlight fixtures to be used in the lighting project directly affects the general appearance and atmosphere of the architectural structure. Therefore, the selection of downlight fixtures must be made carefully and carefully. Factors to consider in downlight fixture solutions are as follows:

    1. As a first step, the lighting purpose should be determined. Downlight fixtures differ in general lighting, accent lighting or decorative lighting needs.
    2. Luminaire selection should be made according to the mounting type.
    3. The light intensity and light angle of the downlight fixtures should be decided in line with the ceiling height.
    4. LED downlight fixtures have small and compact designs. Therefore, it is important to choose the right number of fixtures according to the size of the areas.
    5. The key to achieving high efficiency in the lighting project is choosing the right LED downlight manufacturer. The downlight manufacturer must provide you with warranty and support on the products.

    LED Downlight Luminaire Prices

    LED downlight fixture prices; It varies depending on the brand, model, quality, duration of use and features. Downlight exporter Licalux Lighting provides services to its customers with affordable price policies. You can contact us to get detailed information about LED downlight fixtures suitable for your architectural project; You can evaluate our models.