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    Decorative Lighting

    What are Decorative Lighting Fixtures?

    Decorative lighting fixtures are lighting products designed to contribute to the decoration of a space and provide an aesthetic appearance. These fixtures are generally preferred to strengthen the atmosphere and style of the space, as well as to add aesthetic elegance to the space, rather than providing focused or functional lighting. These decorative lighting products mentioned generally have eye-catching designs and interesting designs. They have details or eye-catching features and play a complementary role to the overall aesthetics of the space.

    What are the Types of Decorative Lighting?

    Decorative lighting products used to emphasize or focus a certain area are divided into different types according to their usage areas and needs. It has different types according to features such as lux level and wattage.

    What are the Features of Decorative Lighting Products?

    Decorative lighting types have their own unique characteristics. It has certain features. These features ensure maximum efficiency in decorative lighting models. For this reason, when choosing among decorative lighting models, be sure to consider your needs and space. Here are the points you should consider when choosing decorative lighting types;

    • Lighting fixtures customized by decorative lighting manufacturers not only increase productivity but also support the comfort of employees. 
    • It is important for users that decorative lighting fixtures can be easily installed. Practical mounting features make the products easily usable in various places.
    • Decorative lighting models minimize energy consumption by providing high efficiency. Thus, the systems are both environmentally friendly and help businesses reduce their costs.
    • Many decorative lighting systems are equipped with dimmer features to adjust brightness levels. This allows controlling the atmosphere of the environment by adjusting the light intensity to the desired level.

    Things to Consider When Choosing Decorative Lighting Systems 

    Needs in lighting systems of businesses; The standards they hear differ. For this reason, decorative lighting types should be selected within the framework of the features of the facility. General factors to consider when choosing among decorative lighting products are as follows;

    • Decorative lighting models must fully meet the lighting needs. Adequate lighting level should be calculated according to the size of the space and its usage area.
    • Note that these systems, designed by decorative lighting companies, are resistant to dust, moisture and high temperatures. 
    • The levels of decorative lighting fixtures vary according to the needs of the space. For this reason, you should make your choice based on the field.
    • Care should be taken when choosing decorative lighting companies for the most efficient decorative lighting types for your business. Decorative lighting companies  should provide warranty and after-sales support to the user. 

    Decorative Lighting Prices

    Decorative lighting prices are determined within the framework of the features of the fixtures. Decorative lighting prices; It varies depending on the brand, model, lighting control systems, wholesale purchasing and additional features. The most affordable decorative lighting prices are in Turkey. Licalux Lighting, which designs lighting products specifically for facilities, is known for providing economical alternatives among lighting companies in the sector. For budget-friendly decorative lighting systems, contact Licalux Lighting, one of the decorative lighting manufacturers, as soon as possible!

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    If you are looking for efficient and innovative ideas in decorative lighting systems; Licalux Lighting is here for your business! Licalux Lighting, one of the decorative lighting companies, not only offers high-level comfort in the field of decorative Lighting Fixtures offered to the users’ experience, but also prioritizes efficiency and savings. Decorative lighting products that minimize maintenance costs offer users high service quality in terms of price performance. To add value to the production of your business, contact Licalux Lighting, one of the decorative lighting manufacturers, immediately!