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    Parking Lot Lighting Systems

    Parking Lot Lighting Systems

    Car parks are places where vehicles are parked safely. Therefore, the design of areas is a process that requires expertise. Parking lot lighting systems, whose designs require finesse, are special systems designed to increase the security of the area and improve the user experience. The main function of parking lot lighting is to make the area safer and more functional for vehicles and drivers. Licalux Lighting offers easy-to-use lighting solutions to ensure the safety of parking lots.

    Parking Lot Lighting Types

    Parking lot lighting fixtures are systems that provide long-lasting and efficient use with LED technology. Parking lot lighting fixtures, which have different types of models such as LED panel parking, linear parking lot lighting fixtures and parking lot watertight lighting, also differ according to their functions. It is possible to list the types of parking lot lighting according to the purpose of use as follows:

    • Garage fixtures
    • Indoor car park fixtures
    • Outdoor parking fixtures
    • Front of house parking fixtures
    • Garden parking fixtures
    • Shopping mall parking fixtures


    How Should Parking Lot Lighting Be?

    Parking lot lighting should primarily provide adequate lighting conditions. For vehicle and driver safety, parking lot fixtures should be designed with high quality materials. Lighting should be equipped with high power systems. Apart from these, the details to be considered in parking lot lighting design are as follows:

    • Parking lot lighting fixtures should be placed in positions that will guide drivers correctly.
    • Parking lot fixtures should prevent shadows and glare for a safe driving experience.
    • Since it has long-term use, parking lot lighting should be designed with energy-saving LED technology.
    • Automatic control systems; It provides efficiency to parking lot lighting in terms of motion sensors and time control.
    • Parking lot fixtures should be designed with durable systems against harsh weather conditions and factors such as humidity.


    Indoor Parking Lot Lighting

    Indoor car parks, located in almost every region, have functions that make daily life easier. It is preferred for vehicle safety, especially in metropolitan life. Adequate lighting in indoor parking lots ensures the safety of both vehicles and users. Quality lighting systems help vehicle owners find parking spaces.

    Outdoor Parking Lighting

    Outdoor parking lot fixtures must have systems that work integrated with daylight. Generally, street luminaires are considered as lighting suitable for open parking lots. High poles that facilitate lighting help the safety of users and vehicles by providing a homogeneous image to the parking area.

    What to Consider When Buying Parking Lot Lighting?

    You should choose parking lot fixtures in line with your project design. You should not forget that a parking lot lighting model with lighting technology that keeps energy costs to a minimum will provide price performance in the long term. Parking lot fixtures that provide remote control maximize the user experience. For this reason, you should consider parking lot lighting models with smart automation systems. The parking lot fixture manufacturer must offer you a warranty on the models. For a safe experience, infrastructure and installation support must be provided within the scope of the project. Parking lot lighting manufacturer Licalux provides long-term use in spaces with quality lighting solutions equipped with digital technologies.

    Parking Lot Luminaire Models and Prices

    Parking lot fixture prices vary depending on lighting technology, brand, model and material quality. For price performance products, you can contact the parking lot lighting manufacturer Licalux Lighting; You can safely choose among the parking lot fixture models that best suit your project.

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