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    Upgrade your indoor lighting with Licalux quality.

    Magnet System

    Check out the lighting solutions with magnet system.

    Downlight Spotlight

    Check out the most popular downlight and spotlight products.

    Surface Mounted Downlight

    Discover modern and stylish designed surface-mounted downlights.

    Surface Mounted Lighting

    Click for surface mounted lighting products that offer different size and color options.

    Linear Lighting

    Click for linear lighting products that are ideal for offices and living spaces.

    Panel Lighting

    Experience a modern and stylish lighting experience with panel lighting products.

    Ray Spots

    Customize your lighting, review our ray spot products.

    Decorative Lighting

    Click for stylishly designed lighting products that will complete your decoration.

    Concealed Lighting

    Light up the ambiance with concealed lighting products.

    Emergency Lighting

    Check out our emergency lighting products now to increase safety.


    Light up the night with our quality products designed for your outdoor lighting.


    Check out our solutions for your wide-angle or narrow-angle lighting needs.

    Çevre & Sokak Aydınlatma

    Check out our quality, energy-efficient solutions for all roads that need lighting.

    Landscape Lighting

    Discover creative ways to brighten your landscape and garden.

    Floor Lighting

    Modernize your outdoor spaces with underfloor lighting systems.

    Facade Lighting

    Discover the products that meet the facade lighting needs of your buildings and structures.


    Check out our appliqué solutions that will provide an aesthetic appearance while illuminating your walls.


    High performance and efficient lighting products for your industrial areas.

    High Ceiling Lighting

    Discover our high quality LED luminaires to illuminate large and high ceiling warehouses, factories or gyms.

    Exproof Luminaires

    Examine the products that are suitable for the safety of your industrial facilities with our explosion-proof luminaires.

    Tunnel Lighting

    Provide evenly distributed light over large areas with our highly energy-saving LED tunnel luminaires.

    Waterproof Luminaires

    Check out our waterproof luminaires with protection class IP65, ideal for industrial and outdoor applications.