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    Our Policies

    Our Environmental and Energy Policy

    As Licalux Lighting, we operate as a responsible company for environmental values. Sustainability is a priority for us and as such, it leads in matters such as effective energy and resource management, dissemination of waste recovery and recycling activities.

    Thanks to our innovative approach, we aim to provide our customers with lighting products with the highest energy efficiency. In the design and production process of our products, we use methods that will minimize environmental impacts. In this way, we minimize the impact of our products on nature.

    In terms of energy management, our company constantly reviews the methods to save energy and follows environmentally friendly technologies that consume less energy. We take responsibility for the protection of the environment by carefully selecting the sources of the materials used in our products.

    In terms of waste recovery and recycling, strict inspections are carried out in our facility on recycling processes and waste management. By enabling the reuse of wastes without harming the nature, we are fighting against the depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution.

    As Licalux Lighting, we are constantly reviewing and updating our environmental and energy policies. Our aim is to work for a more environmentally friendly, more sustainable and energy efficient world.