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    Mall Lighting

    Mall Lighting

    Shopping malls, which are sometimes preferred to spend time with friends and sometimes to shop, have become a good option. In these frequently preferred areas, great attention should be paid to lighting systems. Because choosing the right lighting fixtures for shopping malls directly affects customers' purchasing processes. For this reason, when choosing shopping mall lighting systems, it should be noted that there are functional lighting systems that meet decorative and aesthetic expectations. In addition, you need to make sure that it illuminates the environment correctly and sufficiently. In this way, the shopping mall provides a positive impression for customers and a positive value is obtained in terms of the security of the store. 

    How Should Lighting Be For Shopping Stores?

    Lighting systems preferred in shopping malls should contribute to the shopping mall both aesthetically and functionally. In this way, visitors to the shopping mall can have fun and shop more easily. At this point, shopping mall lighting should generally be preferred among shopping mall fixtures that provide energy efficiency, can be customized for different areas and help equal light distribution. In this regard, Licalux Lighting helps shopping malls receive a more accurate and professional service in the field of lighting.

    Areas Where Shopping Mall Lighting Is Important

    Shopping Mall (Shopping Mall) lighting is a critical element that affects customers' shopping experience and determines the atmosphere of stores. In this regard, different lighting fixtures should be preferred in different parts of the shopping malls. In this way, visitors are helped to experience a flawless process from the shopping mall entrance to the store areas. Here are the areas where shopping mall lighting is important;

    Shopping Mall Entrance and Corridors:

    The main entrances and corridors of shopping malls, which are one of the first places where the purchasing action takes place, are among the places that should be emphasized in terms of lighting. Correct lighting in these areas contributes to attracting customers to stores and determining the general shopping atmosphere. For this reason, lighting fixtures between 50 and 200 lumens should generally be preferred at shopping entrances and corridors. In this way, you can greet visitors with a bright and spacious appearance at the entrance and encourage them to spend more time in the shopping center. In addition, a color rendering index of 80 and above should be preferred. For this purpose, linear lighting, emergency lighting fixtures, Downlight-Spotlight Ray spot lighting can be preferred.

    Children's Playgrounds:

    Children's playgrounds, which are areas where children spend most of their time in shopping malls and have fun, have recently become a frequent destination for adults. It is very important to choose the right lighting in order to attract the attention of these entertainment centers. For this purpose, the lighting of children's playgrounds must be between 150 and 300 lumens on average. In addition, A CRI rate of 90 and above is ideal for children's playgrounds, and Colorful, fun and child-friendly lighting designs that will attract children's attention are preferred to increase both attractiveness and The eye health of children and employees is protected. At this point, Linear Lighting systems, Emergency Lighting, Downlight-Spotlight fixtures and Rail Spot Lighting can be preferred.

    What are the Lighting Products Used in Shopping Malls?

    Shopping center lighting models are divided according to the size of the area, lighting need and aesthetic appearance. Many models of store fixtures provide aesthetic and functional convenience to customers. Commonly preferred store lighting fixture types are divided as follows: 

    • Linear Lighting
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Surface Mounted Lighting
    • Concealed Lighting
    • Downlight-Spotlight
    • Track spot lighting

    Features of Shopping Malls Lighting Models

    • In general, neutral white color lighting types (3500K – 4500K) should be preferred in shopping mall lighting models.
    • Shopping mall lightings are easy to clean and have a structure that minimizes dust accumulation.
    • Shopping center lighting fixtures feature glare-reducing lighting to prevent eye fatigue and provide long-term comfort.
    • Shopping mall lighting applications feature high color rendering index. 
    • Shopping center lighting fixture types have the ability to be integrated for emergencies
    • The efficiency index of the lighting systems preferred in the shopping center must be at least 80.

    How to Choose Shopping Mall Lighting Fixtures?

    Choosing the luminaire that best suits your project among the shopping mall lighting models is important in terms of architectural aesthetics and functionality. For this reason, every feature of shopping mall fixtures should be examined in detail. At this point, the points you should pay attention to when choosing shopping center lighting are as follows:

    • In shopping mall luminaires, easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain luminaires should always be preferred. In this way, cost and time savings can be achieved. 
    • In shopping mall lighting systems, products that support energy efficiency should be used.
    • In shopping center lighting, you should pay attention to the choice of luminaire company. Because the store lighting company that offers lighting solutions should give you a guarantee on the fixtures. Thus, the service support of the armature company ensures long-term use in your project.
    • In shopping center lighting applications, fixtures must be safe and durable. It reduces the need for maintenance and replacement in the long term.

    Shopping Mall Lighting Prices in Turkey

    Shopping mall lighting fixture prices; It varies depending on model, brand, function and bulk purchase. Licalux Lighting, a lighting manufacturer for shopping malls, offers users quality solutions at affordable prices. You can examine shopping mall lighting fixtures on our website; You can contact us for shopping center lighting fixture prices. 

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