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    Logistics Lighting Fixtures

    Efficient Use

    Logistics is the main body of businesses. The spaces where production is stored, transported and distributed are the areas where the supply chain is executed. In order to create efficient and sustainable space, the design of the spaces should be organized flawlessly. Lighting systems in logistics areas should be organized with professionals. While illuminating the spaces with a homogeneous light distribution, the right color harmony should be ensured. Licalux Lighting offers long-lasting and durable luminaires in accordance with the conditions of logistics areas.

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    Sustainable Energy Source

    Adequate Lighting Level


    Long Lasting & Durable

    For businesses

    Lighting for logistics areas is designed according to the working conditions. According to the business area, luminaires must be resistant to moisture and impacts. Licalux Lighting provides solutions with powerful systems that provide heat management in accordance with the working conditions of production areas.

    Energy Saving Timers

    For sustainability

    Lighting in logistics areas with long-term working conditions should provide energy savings. Lighting fixtures should be equipped with automatically controlled systems. Licalux Lighting provides superior energy efficiency with luminaire systems that enable remote access.

    Stylish Modern Designs
    Stylish Modern Designs
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Long Term Sustainability
    Long Term Sustainability


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