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    How to Save Lighting?

    We use lightings at home, at work places, in short, everywhere in our lives. However, the unnecessary use of lighting from time to time leads to energy wastage. And many of us don't pay attention to that. 

    With some things we will do, we can use the lighting less and save energy. As Licalux, in this article, we have prepared some suggestions about how to save on lighting. Happy reading!

    1. Use Fluorescent Lamps

    Fluorescent lamps are one of the steps you can take to save on lighting. Incandescent lamps are used very often, especially in offices. This is because incandescent lamps look decoratively pleasing. If you own an office, you can save 80% by replacing incandescent lamps with fluorescent lamps. In addition, you can achieve similar savings by using fluorescent lamps instead of light bulbs in homes.

    2. Don't Use Illuminations Unless Necessary

    The biggest mistake made when using lighting systems is to use lighting unnecessarily. You can start by turning off the unnecessary lighting in your environment. In fact, taking advantage of sunlight on sunny days can be a good step to save on lighting.

    3. You Can Use Lamps With Sensors

    Sensor lamps can be more economical than other lighting. Since it works when moving, the sensor lamps do not light up unnecessarily. This means that lighting can be saved. This is one of the reasons why sensor lamps are used, especially in areas such as shopping malls.

    4. Take Care of Your Lighting

    In order for your lighting to consume less energy, you should have it serviced periodically. Dust and dirt formed in the lighting causes the light emitted to decrease over time. This means more light and energy consumption. You can save money by keeping your lights clean and maintaining them.

    5. You can paint the walls of your environment in a light color

    Painting the walls in your environment with a light color may be good for savings. An area with dark colors will want more light. This means that lighting devices consume more energy. If you do not want to use light-colored paints, you can also use light-colored and transparent lighting.

    6. Take Care of the Decoration of the Environment

    The decoration of your home has a significant effect on lighting savings. Everything from the choice of furniture to the location of the lights are decisive influences. In the previous article, we said that you can use light-colored paints. He is among them. 

    You should position the items and lighting in your home well. If you want the right lighting, you should use the right colors in your items. Even doing these will be enough for you to save on lighting.

    As Licalux, we tried to give information about how to save on lighting in this article. You can follow us for more informative content.

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