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    Sports Halls Lighting Solutions

    Automatic Lighting Technology

    Sports hall lighting is designed specifically for the branch in line with the needs of the athletes. Lux and heat settings of lightings are organized according to sports fields and halls. Lighting systems should be equipped with anti-glare and anti-shadow features so that athletes can comfortably perform their exercises and matches. Licalux Lighting offers high ceiling fixtures and systems for sports halls.

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    Adequate and Controllable Lighting

    Energy That Supports Performance


    How Should Lighting Be in Gyms?

    Nowadays, sports practices are of great importance in order to relieve the stress of busy work schedule, live a healthier life and have a fitter body. For this reason, the importance of gyms is increasing day by day. In gyms, which are important for living a healthier life, lighting systems must be used correctly and adequately in order to perform exercise practices more accurately. Adequate lighting systems reduce eye fatigue of both students and teachers, increase their attention levels and enable them to perform their exercise routines well. For example; While 150 to 300 lumens are suitable for pilates, yoga and fitness room lighting, lighting with 300 to 500 lumens is more suitable for dance and aerobics room lighting. When making your choice, you can choose the gym lighting that best suits the environmental conditions.

    Places Where Lighting Is Important in Gyms

    Lighting fixtures preferred in sports halls, also known as gyms, are systems that illuminate the environment aesthetically and functionally. Because a good gym lighting system not only illuminates the space, but also supports the learning and teaching processes, protects the eye health of students and teachers, and generally increases the quality of the educational environment. For this reason, in general, brighter lighting with warmer tones is preferred in dance and aerobics classes, while cold colors that provide inner peace should be preferred in fitness, pilates and yoga halls. Thus, Licalux Lighting provides a more professional sports practice in gyms.


    Fitness Hall Lighting

    Fitness halls, which enable us to achieve mental and physical peace, help the person to feel happier and more peaceful. For this reason, lighting systems are very important in fitness centers so that people can do fitness practices more comfortably. In order to create a calmer and fresher environment, lighting fixtures with more neutral or cold tones should be preferred. In this way, the environment appears more spacious and helps purify the person's mind. In addition, lighting systems in fitness centers generally have a color rendering index between 300 and 500 lumens and a color rendering index. It must be 80 or above. In the light of these suggestions, LED lighting, panel lighting, downlight lighting, emergency lighting may be preferred.

    Pilates Hall Lighting

    Pilates practices, which are a good option to strengthen the body structure and mind awareness, also improve the dynamics in the person's inner world. It is very important to choose the right lighting while doing this type of exercise, which provides benefits in many ways. The reason for this is that pilates students and instructors can do the movements more comfortably and have an environment where they can focus. Therefore, when choosing lighting applications for pilates halls definitely choose between150-200 lumens You should make sure that it is . In addition, the light color consists of neutral colorsand the color rendering index is 80 and above >should be. The most suitable lighting fixtures for Pilates halls are Rail Spotlights, Surface Mounted Downlights, Linear Lighting and Panel Lighting.


    Yoga Hall Lighting

    Yoga practices, which help the person to mentally relax and meditate, provide deep mental cleansing. While doing this routine, which is very important for maintaining peace of mind, you need to make sure that you do it under appropriate lighting conditions. Otherwise, it is impossible to have a healthy yoga experience. For this reason, yoga studio lightinggenerally consists of cold and neutral colors. In addition, the lighting preferred in yoga studios should have a lumen value between 150 and 200. In this way, one can focus more easily. Finally the rendering color index should be around 80. The most suitable lighting fixtures in this regard are panel lighting, Rail Spots, Surface Mounted Downlights.

    Dance Studio Lighting

    Dance practices, which are a good choice to relieve the stress and fatigue of the day, help you achieve more efficiency, especially when done in groups and in professional halls. For this reason, we recommend that you practice dance in dance studios. In this regard, the lighting systems of dance studios are also very important. Adequate lighting of dance studios is very important for the eye health of both students and dance teachers. For this reason, dance studio lighting fixtures should generally be between 300 lumens and 500 lumens. In addition, warmer colored lighting systems should be preferred in order to give energy and increase the atmosphere of the environmentdir. The color rendering index of lighting fixtures of dance studios should be between 80 and 90. In this way, you can perform dance practices more easily. In this regard, you can choose downlight spotlight, rail spotlight, surface mounted lighting


    Lighting for Sports Fields

    Lighting of sports fields should allow athletes to carry out their activities comfortably. The lighting systems of the fields should be determined by an expert in line with the needs of the sports branch. Correct lighting increases the performance of athletes on sports fields; It helps the audience enjoy watching the match. Licalux Lighting offers long-lasting systems that are easy to use to the experience of sports fields.

    Lighting for Gyms

    Lighting solutions in gymnastics halls are selected taking into account sufficient light levels. Exercise areas should be adequately illuminated to avoid eye fatigue. In order to increase the focus of athletes, color temperature of approximately 5000k is preferred in lighting. Licalux Lighting supports the work of athletes with LED light sources that take into account aesthetics and decoration.


    What are the Lighting Products Used in Gyms?

    Gym lighting models are divided according to the size of the area, lighting need and aesthetic appearance. Many models of gym fixtures provide aesthetic and functional convenience to users. The commonly preferred gym lighting fixture types are divided as follows.


    Features of Lighting Models in Gyms

    • Gym lighting models ensure that the light is distributed evenly and does not create shadows.
    • Gym lighting fixtures have high color rendering. Thus, it helps to perceive the true colors correctly.
    • Gym lighting has adjustable and controllable settings for different operations.
    • Gym fixture types are generally both environmentally friendly and at the same time affordable.
    • Gym lighting applications have features that reduce eye fatigue and have a relaxing effect.

    How to Choose Gym Lighting Fixtures?

    • Choosing the luminaire that is suitable for your project among gymnastics lighting models is important in terms of architectural aesthetics and functionality. For this reason, every feature of gym fixtures should be examined in detail. Things to consider when choosing gym lighting are as follows:
    • gymnastics fixtures should always feature environmentally friendly technology. In this way, you will save a lot of energy.
    • Gym lighting systems should be chosen that reduce eye fatigue and create a relaxing effect for students, instructors and other employees working in the gym.
    • You should pay attention to the choice of fixture company for gym lighting. Because the gym lighting company that offers lighting solutions should give you a guarantee on the fixtures. Thus, the service support of the armature company ensures long-term use in your project.
    • Another important point in gym lighting applications is that it is adjustable and controllable. In this way, you can adjust the light level as you wish.

    Gym Lighting Fixture Prices in Turkey

    Gym lighting fixture prices; It varies depending on model, brand, function and bulk purchase. Licalux Lighting, expert gym lighting manufacturer, offers users quality solutions at affordable prices. You can examine gym lighting fixtures on our website; You can contact us for prices of gym lighting fixtures.

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