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    Lighting for Clinics

    Lighting for Clinics

    Lighting for clinics not only determines the aesthetic appearance of the space, but is also of critical importance for the comfort and efficiency of both patients and healthcare professionals. While the correct lighting system increases the functionality and safety of the clinical environment, it also positively affects the experience of patients and contributes to the success of treatment processes. Therefore, lighting in clinics is not only a necessity, but also an important element that directly affects the quality and effectiveness of clinic services.

    How Should Lighting Be in Clinics?

    The fixtures used in clinics are lighting systems that illuminate the environment aesthetically and functionally. Because a good lighting system positively affects the general atmosphere of the clinic and increases customers' feelings of comfort and confidence. For this reason, in clinics, luminaire systems that distribute the lighting evenly throughout the environment, have neutral or cold tones, and prevent shadow formation should be preferred. Licalux Aydınlatma ile kliniklerde daha doğru ve profesyonel bir hizmet sağlanmasına yardımcı olur.

    Areas where lighting is important in clinics

    There are many areas in clinics where lighting is important. These areas include eye clinics, dental clinics and beauty clinics. Many important operations are carried out in these areas, and these are the places where lighting systems are most important. For this reason, lighting fixtures should be selected very carefully and precisely. By examining the suggestions below, you can choose the right fixture applications for clinics.


    Eye clinic lighting must be designed effectively and accurately. Eye examination involves delicate procedures. For this reason, lighting should be such as to facilitate surgical procedures. Luminaires must ensure energy efficiency for the long-term lighting needs of clinics. In addition to the color rendering index of lighting systems being 90 and above, a light intensity of 500 to 1000 lumens is sufficient for eye examination and treatment rooms. At this point, you can choose options such as recessed fixtures and panel lighting. Licalux quality, which minimizes shadowing and glare, provides the most effective products for eye clinics.


    Dental clinic lighting is provided with conditions that facilitate the dentist's work area. Lighting should be specially selected for the examination room, waiting area and operating chair. Color temperature should be adjusted between 3500 K and 4500 K to ensure the patient's comfort. For sustainable use, energy-saving lighting should be preferred. In addition, 1000 lumen lighting is preferred in examination rooms in the dental clinic, while 10000 lumens should be preferred where the operating chair is located. At the same time, it is more appropriate for the color rendering index to be greater than 90. For this purpose, you can choose Lıcalux Lighting's Downlight-Spotlight and Panel lighting options to provide homogeneous lighting in dental clinics.


    Aesthetics and beauty clinic lighting should be designed to both create a relaxing atmosphere and suit the needs of the work area. The lighting used in these environments must provide clear and accurate light conditions necessary both to ensure the comfort of patients and to perform aesthetic procedures with precision. At this point, color temperatures close to daylight (approximately 5000 Kelvin) should be preferred. In addition, while 50 - 300 lux lighting is preferred in the corridors of aesthetic and beauty clinics, 500 - 1000 lux should be preferred in emergency services and 1000 - 2000 lux should be preferred in operating rooms. At the same time, it must have a design that will ensure energy efficiency and prevent eye fatigue. At this point, you can choose Lıcalux lighting's decorative pendant lighting, Downlight-Spotligh and Emergency Lighting Fixtures.

    What are the Lighting Products Used in Clinics?

    Clinic lighting models are divided according to the size of the area, lighting needs and aesthetic appearance. Clinical fixtures in many models provide aesthetic and functional convenience to users. Commonly preferred clinical lighting fixture types are divided as follows: 

    • Recessed Luminaire
    • Panel Lighting
    • Decorative Pendant Lighting
    • Emergency Lighting Fixtures


    Clinical Lighting Models Features

    • Clinical lighting models ensure that the light is distributed evenly and does not create shadows.
    • Clinical lighting fixtures have high color rendering. Thus, it helps to perceive the true colors correctly.
    • Clinical lighting has adjustable and controllable settings for different procedures.
    • Klinir faucet types are generally both environmentally friendly and at the same time have an affordable price range.
    • Clinical lighting applications have features that reduce eye fatigue and have a relaxing effect in long-term treatments and waiting areas.


    How to Choose Clinical Lighting Fixtures?

    Choosing the luminaire that is suitable for your project among clinical lighting models is important in terms of architectural aesthetics and functionality. For this reason, every feature of clinic fixtures should be examined in detail. Things to consider when choosing clinic lighting are as follows: 

    • The clinic should always have environmentally friendly technology in its fixtures. In this way, you will save a lot of energy.
    • Clinical lighting systems that reduce eye fatigue and create a relaxing effect should be chosen for long-term treatment and waiting areas.
    • You should pay attention to the choice of luminaire company for clinic lighting. Because the clinical lighting company that offers lighting solutions should give you a guarantee on the fixtures. Thus, the service support of the armature company ensures long-term use in your project.
    • Another important point in clinical lighting applications is that it is adjustable and controllable. In this way, you can adjust the light level as you wish.


    Clinic Luminaire Prices

    Clinic lighting fixture prices; It varies depending on model, brand, function and bulk purchase. Expert clinical lighting manufacturer Licalux Lighting offers users quality solutions at affordable prices. You can examine clinical lighting fixtures on our website; You can contact us for clinical lighting fixtures prices. 

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