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    LED Bulb Selection Guide

    In addition to the items and accessories used to accurately reflect the energy and atmosphere of the environment, the lighting systems chosen are also of great importance. For this reason, the right LED bulbs must be selected in order to reflect the ambient energy correctly and increase the atmosphere of the place. At this point, as Licalux Lighting, we have prepared the "Led Bulb Selection Guide" for you. Thanks to this guide, you can correctly choose the LED bulbs that will best reflect your space.

    Which is the Best LED Bulb for My Environment?

    The most important thing in your environment is that the place is illuminated in the right way and in the right amount. In this way, you can reflect the energy of the environment accurately and efficiently. Otherwise, the energy of the environment will be low and in this case, it may affect the mood of those around you. For this reason, you need to choose the most accurate and most efficient LED bulb to reflect the energy and spirit of your environment. At this point, it would be useful to pay attention to a few details. These; The socket type of the LED bulb you have chosen, the shape of the LED bulb, the technology it uses and the type of light emitted by the LED bulb. By paying attention to these factors we have mentioned, you can increase the quality and comfort of the environment.

    LED Bulb Types According to Lampholders

    The socket is one of the most important points in choosing bulbs. If they are chosen correctly, they will be exposed to less heating and will save energy even during long-term use. Therefore, the socket you choose must be compatible with the bulb. When choosing a LED bulb according to the socket, it would be better to make your choice according to the type of fixture and the voltage of the bulb. Therefore, the socket options below may be an alternative for you.

    • E27
    • GU5.3
    • GU10
    • E14

    Led Bulb Types According to Shape

    Another point to consider when choosing a LED bulb is the shape of the LED bulb. Properly selected LED bulbs are a good choice to emphasize the energy of the environment. Therefore, analyze your environment thoroughly and choose the appropriately shaped LED bulb. When choosing LED bulbs according to shape; Remember that you have options such as Bulb, Spot, Reflector, Candlestick, Globe, Linear, Candle. 

    • Lightbulb

    Indoor lighting can be preferred in Cafes and Restaurants, Shops and Boutiques, and Accommodation Places.  

    It can be used for Store Showcases, Museums and Art Galleries, Offices and Working Environments, In-Home Lighting, Hotel Lobbies.

    • Reflector

    It is a type of LED bulb that can be used in places such as product display areas, bars, exhibitions and office areas.

    • Candlestick

    Can be used in Living Rooms and Dining Rooms, Mezzanines, Wedding and Event Venues and Retail Stores.

    • Sphere

    It is an LED Lighting system that can be used in Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Cafeterias, Hotel Hall Areas and Workplaces.

    It can be preferred in Schools and Educational Institutions, Warehouses and Factories, Hotel Corridors and Elevators, Stores and Retail Areas.

    • Candle

    Can be used in Living Rooms and Dining Rooms, Mezzanines, Wedding and Event Venues and Retail Stores.

    Led Bulb Types According to Technology

    As technology develops, the technologies used in LED bulbs vary. The leading LED bulb technologies mentioned are LED bulbs and homogeneous bulbs. When choosing between these bulb technologies, it is beneficial to make your choice by paying attention to energy efficiency. 

    • Led 

    LED bulbs can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, shops, art galleries, hotels and accommodation areas.

    • Homogeneous

    Homogeneous bulbs can be preferred in places such as hospital rooms, clinics and health centers, classrooms, conference halls, libraries and work areas.

    Led Bulb Types According to Light

    Finally, when choosing LED bulbs, you should also pay attention to the light structure. In this way, you can reflect the required amount of light to the environment well. When doing this, you have 3 different stylish structure alternatives. These; Warm structured white light, Natural white light and finally Cool white light. If we need to examine these types of light in detail;

    • Warm White Light (2500-3300 Kelvin)

    The type of light between 2500-3300 Kelvin is called warm white light. Since these light types are generally red, yellow and brown, they are generally preferred in homes. It is especially ideal for bedrooms and living spaces. This warm light helps you experience a more comfortable and rested atmosphere thanks to the feeling of rest it spreads around. 

    • Natural White Light (4000-4500 Kelvin)

    Natural white lights, which have a light standard varying between 4000-4500 Kelvin, mostly have green, white and blue color structure, and are preferred to increase the energy of the environment and in cases where the work requires more detail. These types of lights are generally preferred in make-up rooms, offices and working environments.

    • Cool White Light (5000-6500 Kelvin)

    And finally, cold white lights with a value range of 5000-6500 Kelvin can cause headaches when used for a long time because they emit blue light. However, due to its strong light structure, it increases productivity and provides a long-term working environment. For this reason, it can generally be preferred in offices, garages, jewelry stores, leather and shoe stores, displaying silver objects and sports areas. 

    Add flair to your living spaces with the right LED bulb options!

    Warm Glow 2200 Kelvin (K)Relax your soul and mind with Warm White light
    Soft White 2700 Kelvin (K) Create a dynamic and energetic atmosphere in your living spaces
    Bright White 3000 Kelvin (K) Maximize efficiency in work areas
    White 4000 Kelvin (K)Feel the uninterrupted vitality by creating high-level energy in spaces
    Daylight 5000 Kelvin (K)Reflect the stunning atmosphere of daylight at any time

    LED Bulb Selection Guide
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