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    How Should Indoor Lighting Be?

    Lighting has a great importance in arranging the environment and revealing the details. Making the right lighting in the environment is effective on the quality of the environment. Lighting affects the perception of life by carrying the concept of space to a different dimension. Accessories, furniture and lighting objects in the environment should be in harmony.

    You can reveal the small details in the environment with the right lighting or you can make them invisible with dim lighting. With the correct use of lighting, the desired atmosphere can be created in the space. So, “How should indoor lighting be?” In this article, we will give you the answer to this question. We wish you pleasant reading.

    Which Lighting Should You Choose?

    Lighting creates different effects on individuals in the space. For this reason, it is extremely important to choose the colors of the lighting and the interior. The perception of colors depends on light sources. In this direction, the colors of the selected light sources are among the important criteria of the design. Another effective criterion is the climate. The choice should be made considering the color reflection factor of the spaces and the climate. For example; In cold countries, warm colors should be chosen, and in hot countries, cold and refreshing colors should be chosen. At this point, it is very important to choose suitable lighting devices and suitable light sources in order to have an effective and high quality lighting.

    General lighting used indoors is one of the types of lighting that ensures that the interior is shown as a whole and that the light is transmitted in a balanced way. These lightings are also described as ambiance and are frequently encountered in interior designs. In general lighting, it is different from the type of lighting we are used to.

    The lighting we are used to is lighting that wants to draw attention to a single focal point. In the general lighting type, the opposite atmosphere is created. The light is evenly distributed all over the ceiling, wall and floor and is reflected equally from these surfaces. By choosing this type of lighting indoors, a magnificent atmosphere can be created.

    How Should Lightings Be Positioned?

    The color, location and quality of the lighting is extremely important. It is important to consider these factors, especially for our eye health, and to consider these points when designing interiors. The textural dimensions of the surfaces of a designed interior should be correctly positioned by choosing suitable lighting. Otherwise, the chosen colors and design cannot create harmony together. Wrong lighting positioning can cause confusion, distraction, headache and fatigue.

    When the right lighting is done, this lighting should be good for people, meet the needs of people and at the same time make people's lives easier. How should indoor lighting be? As for the question, we can answer it as follows; Small LEDs placed on the ceiling of the room are very functional in indoor lighting. Thanks to the small LEDs, an equal amount of light is distributed throughout the room and a different atmosphere is created in the room. In addition, white walls scatter the light, making the room appear larger and wider. White walls are a method that people with small rooms can use to make their rooms appear larger. In addition to the white walls, the mirrors and glass objects they will use in their rooms will contribute to making the room more spacious and wider.

    If we present different lighting models, we can give chandelier models used today, tv table lighting, staircase lighting, spot lighting, yellow interior lighting.

    In this article, “How should indoor lighting be?” Under the question “Which lighting should be chosen indoors, how should the lighting be positioned indoors? We have included the answers to your questions. We have included which points to pay attention to when interior lighting is being done, and we have presented lighting models that you can use in interior designs while concluding our article. 

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