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    Home Lighting

    Modern and Decorative Lighting

    Making our living spaces comfortable depends on aesthetics and design. Home lighting is one of these decorations. The right home lighting not only offers the best in terms of functionality, but also provides people with a conceptual atmosphere aesthetically. The important point in home lighting is the special design of the rooms. Lighting company Licalux offers users expertise in home lighting solutions. 

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    Adjustable Modern Technology

    Special Task Lighting


    Correct Light Management

    for Functionality

    In home lighting solutions, light management has an important place in terms of the use of spaces. Home lighting fixtures should be selected in the right positions and sizes for the atmosphere of the room. Shading and reflections in areas should be determined by experts. Lighting manufacturer Licalux Lighting organizes the systems within the framework of the characteristics of the rooms with its professional teams. 

    General Lighting

    For you

    The most important function of home lighting fixtures is to provide general illumination in the environment. General lighting fixtures are used for basic light in rooms. General lighting for homes is usually ceiling lamps, spot lights or central fixtures. Lighting manufacturer Licalux Lighting offers comprehensive solutions to the needs of homes in general lighting.

    Stylish Modern Designs
    Stylish Modern Designs
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Long Term Sustainability
    Long Term Sustainability

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