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    Factory and Construction Site Lighting Solutions

    Efficient Use

    Factory and construction site areas are the central places of production. One of the most important points of the spaces designed by architects who are experts in their fields is the lighting systems. Lighting systems provide security by helping production to work in the most efficient way in factories and construction sites. Licalux Lighting supplies high quality LED luminaires to its clients for factory interior lighting and construction site lighting.

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    Maximum Illumination for Safety

    Emergency Lighting


    Construction Site Lighting

    High Security Systems

    Construction site lighting has functions that ensure the safety of people and facilitate the solutions of projects. Especially in construction site lighting, the necessary light balance is provided with spot lights. For the safety of employees, 150-300 lux light level and 4000-5000 kelvin values are recommended. Licalux Lighting provides top quality to users by supplying quality LED luminaires for construction site lighting.

    Factory Lighting

    Productive Workspaces

    Factory lighting is important for both the high quality of work and the safety of employees. Factory lighting fixtures should ensure the safety of people by being designed in accordance with long-term working conditions. LED high ceiling factory lighting fixtures are frequently preferred to achieve the best efficiency in the space. Licalux Lighting provides the production and distribution of luminaires that require low maintenance costs for factory lighting.


    Emergency Lighting and Directional Lighting

    As in every place, emergency exit routes are also important for logistics areas. Emergency exit areas help people to evacuate safely. Therefore, the lighting of emergency exits has a critical role. Lighting should be provided continuously in these areas. Licalux Lighting offers safe lighting systems that offer a distinctive appearance in the direction signs for emergency exits.

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    Stylish Modern Designs
    Stylish Modern Designs
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Long Term Sustainability
    Long Term Sustainability


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