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    What is Dimmer Switch? How does it work?

    With the developing technology, the tools, equipment or products we use in our daily life are changing. In this context, a new electronic product called “Dimmer Switch” has entered our lives. 

    Dimmer Switch; It is an electronic device used in lighting systems that controls the current flowing through the lamps in these systems, that is, adjusts the amount of light of the lighting. Since the dimmer switch is a device that can be used frequently in various fields, "What is a Dimmer Switch?" Some questions are asked frequently. 

    In this article, we will answer the questions of How the Dimmer Switch Works, What Are Its Advantages and Where It Is Used.

    How Does the Dimmer Switch Work?

    Triacs are the basis of the dimmer switch working principle. The resistance of the triac changes proportionally to the voltage coming to the trigger terminal. In this way, the power drawn by the receiver also changes. Thus, as the resistance increases, the light emitted by the lamp increases or decreases. 

    Even though there are triacs on the basis of the dimmer switch working principle, there are also resistors, regulated resistors, diacs and capacitors in the dimmer switch. The best example that can be given to better understand how the dimmer switch works is the volume buttons on the stereos. Just as the sound obtained by moving the volume buttons increases or decreases, the light level obtained by moving the dimmer switch increases and decreases.

    What are the Advantages of Dimmer Switch?

    We can list the advantages of the dimmer switch as follows;

    • The life of the bulbs in the lighting systems is extended.
    • The way of use and installation is quite simple.
    • Since the light intensity can be adjusted, it does not tire the eyes.
    • Area lighting can be adjusted according to the ambiance.
    • It saves electricity perceptibly.

    Where is the Dimmer Switch Used?

    The dimmer switch usage area is quite wide. We can give the following examples of dimmer switch usage areas;

    • It is used for brightness control in lighting systems.
    • It is used in motor speed control.
    • It can be used for control purposes in robotic and electronic systems.
    • It can be used in temperature control.
    • It can be used for different purposes in various electronic devices.

    In this article, we have answered the questions of How the Dimmer Switch Works, What Are Its Advantages and Where It Is Used. For more information about our products and services, you can contact us using one of our communication channels.

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