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    As Licalux Lighting, we offer our customers the highest quality and functional lighting design service. By using the Dialux light calculation program, we can make the most suitable lighting plans for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

    In our design process, we aim to offer the most appropriate lighting solutions, taking into account customer demands and needs. We work with a team that can determine the optimum needs and present our design ideas to our customers with simulations closest to reality.

    In order to understand the needs of our customers, we first consider the purpose of use, functionality, atmosphere and aesthetic preferences of the space. Using this information, we design the most suitable lighting plans for our customers and help the spaces become more functional and aesthetic.

    Our design service enables us to use the most advanced technologies for lighting projects. Dialux light calculator optimizes lighting levels to achieve the highest efficiency and energy savings. In this way, we enable our customers to save energy by providing excellent lighting quality.

    As Licalux Lighting, we are constantly improving ourselves to provide the highest quality lighting design service to our customers. We handle each project specifically to the needs of our customers and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering the most appropriate solutions.