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    Cafe and Restaurant Lighting

    Cafe and Restaurant Lighting

    How Should Lighting Be in Restaurants and Cafes?

    Restaurants and cafes, which are places where we eat, chat with our friends, hold important business meetings or meetings and where tasteful celebrations are held, are among the places that satisfy customers in many respects. The adequacy of lighting systems is also very important in these places that make customers happy to a great extent. Because correctly selected lighting applications help both customers and kitchen staff to be more comfortable. For this reason, the right lighting fixtures should be selected for cafes and restaurants. In this way, while reducing the eye fatigue of kitchen workers and customers, at the same time, the distraction of the working kitchen team is prevented. For example; while lighting applications with lumen values between 200-400 are selected for cafes and restaurants, bar and pub lighting should have an average lumen value between 150 and 200. 

    Where Lighting is Important in Cafes and Restaurants

    Luminaires in cafes and restaurants are lighting systems that illuminate the environment aesthetically and functionally. Because a good lighting system not only illuminates the space, but also greatly increases the focus of kitchen workers and allows customers to have a more comfortable time. For this reason, while cold and neutral tones are preferred in cafes and restaurants, warmer colored lights should be preferred in bars and pubs. Thus, Licalux Lighting provides a more professional look in cafes and restaurants.

     Pub Lightings

    People prefer pubs to relax and have fun to the fullest, where entertainment is at its peak and music creates a deep atmosphere. For this reason, lighting systems that will accompany the atmosphere of the environment should be preferred. At this point, warm-toned lighting applications in the 2700K – 3000K value range should be preferred in order to increase the energy of the environment. In this way, the ambient energy can be increased even further. In addition, pub lighting fixtures should be between 150-200 lumens on average. And the color rendering index is 80 is ideal. In line with these factors, the most ideal pub lighting systems are emergency lighting systems, hidden lighting, Rail Spots, Downlight spotlights. You can also contribute to energy saving with Licalux's smart control systems in pub lighting.

    Bar Lighting

    Bars, where the entertainment dose is high and the energy never runs out, are more crowded and larger venues than pub environments. For this reason, it is very important to choose and apply bar lighting correctly. In order to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, lighting systems in warm tones should be preferred in bars. In this way, it helps the customers who come to the venue to have fun in a comfortable way. While 200 lumen lighting applications are generally the ideal option for bar lighting, the color rendering index should be 80. The best bar lighting options for this are emergency lighting systems, downlight spotlights, linear lighting and hidden lighting.

    Cafe Lighting

    Cafes, which are preferred by many people to relieve the tiredness of the day, chat with their friends for hours and relax, are a good option for people who prefer quiet and peaceful places. In order for customers to have peaceful and enjoyable moments, lighting in existing cafes must be at sufficient levels. It is necessary to ensure a balanced distribution of light, especially to prevent shadows and dark spots. At the same time, white light should be preferred to provide a spacious and comfortable environment. In this way, while the kitchen staff can work comfortably, it also allows customers to chat and spend time more comfortably. The average lumen value for cafes should be between 200 and 400. In addition, lighting fixtures with a color rendering index between 80-90 should be preferred. If you are going to choose cafe lighting systems, you can choose emergency lighting systems, surface-mounted lighting, panel lighting and surface-mounted downlight lighting.

    Restaurant Lighting

    Restaurants, which are an ideal choice for experiencing delicious meals, having pleasant conversations with friends, and also for successful business lunches, are among the places where lighting is important. Lighting must be adequately and evenly distributed in restaurants to eliminate areas that will remain in shadow or darkness. In addition, lighting systems in neutral tones should be preferred so that customers can eat their meals comfortably and kitchen staff can work in a safe environment. At the same time, lighting levels in the range of 50-200 lux are used in the dining area, depending on the general concept, while in other areas of the restaurant; 100 lux lighting fixtures are required at the entrance, 150 lux in the food storage section, 300 lux in the washing section, and 500 lux in the cooking section. In this way, customers have a more comfortable and enjoyable time. Moreover, employees can carry out their work in a more comfortable working environment.

    What are the Lighting Products Used in Cafe and Restaurants?

    Cafe restaurant lighting models are divided according to the size of the area, lighting needs and aesthetic appearance. Many models of cafe and restaurant luminaires provide users with aesthetic and functional convenience. Commonly preferred cafe and restaurant lighting luminaire types are divided as follows.


    Restaurant and Cafe Lighting Models Features

    • Cafe and Restaurant lighting models ensure that the light is evenly distributed and no shadows are cast.
    • Café and restaurant lighting fixtures have high color rendering. Thus, it helps to perceive their true colors correctly.
    • Cafe and restaurant lighting has adjustable and controllable settings for different operations.
    • Cafe and restaurant armature types are generally both environmentally friendly and at the same time have an affordable price scale.
    • Cafe and restaurant lighting applications have features that reduce eye strain and have a relaxing effect.


    How to Choose Cafe & Restaurant Lighting Fixtures?

    Choosing the luminaire suitable for your project among cafe and restaurant lighting models is important in terms of architectural aesthetics and functionality. For this reason, every feature of restaurant and cafe luminaires should be examined in detail. The things to be considered when choosing cafe and restaurant lighting are as follows: 

    • Café and restaurant luminaires should always have environmentally friendly technology. In this way, you will save energy to a great extent.
    • Cafe and restaurant lighting systems should be selected that reduce the eye strain of customers, kitchen staff and other working staff and create a relaxing effect.
    • You should pay attention to the choice of luminaire company in cafe and restaurant lighting. Because the cafe restaurant company that offers lighting solutions should give you a guarantee on luminaires. Thus, the service support of the luminaire company provides long-term use in your project.
    • Another important point in cafe and restaurant lighting applications is that it is adjustable and controllable. In this way, you can adjust the light level as you wish.


    Cafe and Restaurant Lighting Fixture Prices

    Cafe & restaurant luminaire prices vary according to model, brand, function and bulk purchase. Licalux Lighting, an expert cafe and restaurant lighting manufacturer, offers quality solutions to users at affordable prices. You can review cafe and restaurant lighting fixtures on our website; you can contact us for cafe and restaurant lighting fixtures prices indoor lighting You can check our page.

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