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    What is Ballast? What Does It Do?

    Today, different equipments are used in lighting systems. Although these equipments are not visible in lighting systems, they do great work in the part we cannot see.

    One of these important equipment in lighting systems is Ballast. Ballast literally means consistent and regular. To the question of what is the use of ballast; We can answer that it is an equipment that creates the opportunity to work based on gas discharge of fluorescent lamp type and similar type lamps used in lighting systems. 

    More simply, the ballast limits the current delivered to the gas discharge lamps and prevents high current from flowing through the lamp. In addition, the ballast provides the ignition energy needed when the lamp is first lit. However, ballast-related questions are not limited to these.

    In this article, we will answer the questions of Where Ballast is Used and What are the Ballast Types.

    Where Is Ballast Used?

    Ballast is among the indispensable equipment of lighting systems due to its duty. The ballast provides the appropriate voltage and current to operate various gas-discharge lamps such as fluorescent and HID. It also prevents high current from passing through the lamp. 

    Ballast enables the lamp to be used longer in lighting systems with gas discharge lamps. In other words, if gas discharge lamps will be used in electric lighting systems, ballast is also used. 

    What are the Ballast Types?

    When we look at it, ballasts do not have a wide variety of uses. It is generally used in lighting systems. That's why there are only 2 types of ballast. These;

    • Magnetic Ballast
    • Electronic Ballast.

    If we explain the magnetic and electronic ballasts one by one;

    • Magnetic Ballast: This type of ballast contains copper windings. The thickness and length of the copper wire inside the magnetic ballast are the main factors that determine the output current of the ballast. Magnetic ballasts can be large and heavy. There are various transformers inside the magnetic ballasts, which are large and heavy. There is no possibility of changing frequency in magnetic ballasts. Therefore, flickering can be seen in the light.
    • Electronic Ballast: This type of ballast is lighter and smaller than magnetic ballast. In electronic ballasts, electronic circuit currents are used to control the output current and the currents can be managed precisely. Electronic ballasts have high electrical efficiency. Due to its high efficiency, it is more preferred today.

    Ballast types are as follows. It will be enough to look at the power of the lamp to be used to decide what value ballast you will use. For example; If you are going to use a 10 W fluorescent, you should use a 10 W ballast. If you have no idea about which type of ballast you should use, you can consult people who are knowledgeable in this field. However, when we look at it, electronic ballast is preferred more nowadays. The main reason for this is that it is a more modern product.

    In this article, we have answered the questions of Where Ballast is Used and What are the Ballast Types. For more information about our products and services, you can contact us using one of our communication channels.

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