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    As Licalux Lighting, we offer our customers a more efficient, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution with lighting automation systems. Thanks to our lighting automation systems, the areas that need lighting in businesses are minimized and energy costs are reduced. At the same time, we increase profitability by minimizing fixed energy costs.

    The lighting automation systems we offer to our customers are controlled by computer software and devices. In this way, personnel costs are also minimized. While our lighting automation systems minimize energy / fuel costs, they also offer solutions for nature-friendly businesses / customers. At the same time, we provide information to our customers about our lighting automation systems.

    The lighting automation systems we offer are fully compatible with automation systems such as KNX and DALI. It supports the programmatic opening and closing of the desired lines at the desired time. In addition, it provides great savings in energy consumption by working in harmony with sensor systems such as DIM lighting, which is specially designed for warehouse, corridor and logistics areas.

    As Licalux Lighting, we offer energy saving and environmentally friendly solutions by offering customized lighting automation systems to suit the needs of our customers.