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    Lighting Solutions for Architectural Projects

    Light & Balance Control

    The designs and decorations of architectural structures are specially arranged in line with the functions of the spaces. In order to create the right atmosphere in the areas, the lighting should be chosen in a project-oriented manner. Lighting systems designed in accordance with the purpose of the building facilitate the use of the spaces. Licalux Lighting offers customized functional lighting solutions for architectural projects with aesthetic structures.

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    Recycling and Sustainability

    High Energy Efficiency


    Aesthetic Lighting Designs

    for Presentation

    In architectural projects, aesthetics is supported by lighting designs. The luminaires chosen in accordance with the spaces reflect the spirit of the atmosphere. For example, simple lighting is preferred for minimalist buildings, while traditional luminaires are used for historical buildings.

    Functional Lighting Systems

    For use

    Lighting systems should be designed in accordance with the function of the buildings. Functional lighting helps people do their activities comfortably. Functional lighting systems chosen in favor of the needs of the spaces increase function and efficiency.

    Stylish Modern Designs
    Stylish Modern Designs
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Intelligent Control Systems
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Energy Saving Lighting Technology
    Long Term Sustainability
    Long Term Sustainability

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