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    Who Are We?

    As Licalux Lighting, to meet the architectural lighting and related solutions in the sector; was established in 1996 to develop architectural lighting and solutions. Today, it is among the leaders of lighting technology with more than 25 years of experience and more than 250 references. It is the partner and product distributor of worldwide brands as well as the lighting solutions partnership with its large staff of engineering and architectural design backgrounds.

    In international standards;is a company that provides special lighting designs and project services for airports, industrial buildings, retail and wholesale market chains, metro stations, train stations, schools, shopping centers and office buildings.

    Licalux Lighting serves a building project within the scope of interior and exterior lighting with a focus on developing lighting design, product systems, supplying and providing after-sales support.

    In addition to the brands it distributes, it aims to create a rich and holistic project with complementary lighting instruments such as special design and special production required by the project.

    Licalux Lighting has made it its mission to do all of these with a customer-oriented approach and keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.